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pip claim very quick

I phoned to make a claim for my husband on 21st June {first claim}

2 weeks later the forms arrived filled them in and sent them off about 10th July.

was asked to attend a assessment on 1st august, we attended and the nurse was very nice we did not feel she was trying to catch us out..

Today 16th August husband received letter enhanced rate for care and mobility

I think it all went very smooth and quick, my husband walked into the assessment centre about 250 meters from door to office, he stopped several times to get his breath. she could see he was breathless for the 40 min we were with her we did not get a doctors letter just sent his spirometry results.

I know what its like waiting so hope this gives others hope


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Great news.

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Great news for you and your husband Michelle. Glad everything went well. Xxxx


we are going to use the back pay to put towards a stair lift, then a motorised scooter so we can get out and about


Hi Michelle that is encouraging I'm waiting for my forms to come to fill in so fingers crossed hope mine goes as smoothly as your husband's best wishes kathy x

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you must be so releived that its over did they say for how long i had my assesment on the 16th of june i got enhanced mobility and care not got the letter yet but i phoned last friday and they told me the results .xx


hi mason the award is for 4 years so have just applied for the much needed blue badge.

its strange how some ard quick and others. Take months

you will feel better when you see it in print take care michelle


hi shellcharlie i just got my letter from dwp the leter says its for an ongoing period they will contact me again in june 2026 thats 10 years i am gobsmacked hahooooooooooo,ha ha xx


thank you michelle yes it will be good to get the letter .xx


Thats great news mason,no more waiting for the postman

10 years is fantastic. we are happy with the 4 years we know its not going to improve so confident that the claim will continue when its time to reapply

we did not send in much medical evidence as we did not think we would need it,and it was only in june we decided to apply.

But we will save everything now and put it all in a special folder

take care michelle


thank you shell charlie i wish it was 10 for you but you willl be more prepared for the next time keep every letter xxx


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