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Did you know asbestos is magnetic NOR did I BUT my quest continues LIKE how's that work with CT SCANNERS MRI SCANNERS.

Could you reverse magnetic field compassion of ASBESTOS so it's not as toxic to the body.

Like dose magnetic effect of asbestos in body triger inflammatory response inate immune system to act BIT like when you use that bazoca that verruca gel to trigger bodies imune response.

These are all questions this no answers to WELL till someone asks

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Asbestos is such a toxic substance and surely someone knew something about that even years ago. It is terrible that even today people are suffering yet it is being swept under the carpet.

It would be nice to think that there is help out there and something can be done very soon. I like your ideas JAS.

Take care xxxxxx

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All the USA Asbestos manufacturers filed for bankruptcy many years ago. But they are still trading and will not be liable to court action while in their "bankruptcy"

Even while then they showed a $300 million profit?

Blue and brown asbestos (the two most dangerous forms) have not been imported into the UK for nearly 20 years and their use was banned in 1985. White asbestos was banned (except for a small number of specialised uses) in 1999. mesothelioma, a cancer of the inner lining of the chest wall or abdominal cavity.

I was cutting the brown asbestos for over 10 years!

That's shocking Offcut. I will never forget the documentary l saw years ago about asbestos and how children of people who worked with the stuff had grown up with severe breathing ptoblems. Very sad. Xxx

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The worse thing is it can take over 20 years to have an affect on the lungs that is noticeable. But the new research has shown that the outer part of the lungs become hard first before it then shows on the xrays as broken glass on the lungs themselves. It also is a contributor to PH which I also have?

The problem is this is new information and very often the Specialist is working on what they were taught and believe is all they need to know?

Asthma was considered a nervous condition by many doctors in the 1980's and was treated with valium?


Hi offcuts so true we need bit of joined up thinking when it comes to these so called specialist.

Anyway here is interesting read COULD smokers of sufferd more threw asbestos tips in fag's was smoking.

Also do you happen to know what your MONOCYTE count was when you last had bloods done.

MONOCYTE I have no idea my GP's think I am incapable of understanding results from anything and get defensive when I tell them what my specialist put on the cc'd letter I got that they forget to see?

As for the magnetic affect could also have an adverse affect if it causes the fibers to move to a reactive part of the lung?

Hi Offcuts defo worth asking doc's about monocytes.

Don't think much as changed with doctors thinking or lack of joined up thinking.

I suffer same here doctors don't read out till you ask EVEN then just skirt threw it.

But yer defo agree about asbestos being agitated by magnetic fields

Will ask the question when I next see them as long as I remember by then got a memory like a goldfish?

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Hi defo not only one there offcuts BUT i always remmberto give em %%%# tho

I worked in laboratories in the sixties, and used asbestos wool all the time, ....l used to have to pull out the amount l needed for experiments from a big box full, l never wore a mask as the risks were not known then.

I worked with many chemicals that are now classified as toxic, or banned, and also radiation.

I still get asked by doctors did you smoke, if so that's what has given you lung problems. !!!!

What a sweeping statement. !!


Radiation can cause lung damage I know that from school days BUT the have even band radioactive sources now in schools and replaced it with crayons

Anyway here is read

You might find interesting given labourites days

Hee Hee Jeff re. Crayons.

Thanks for the read.

Hi sassy you would think but way doctors are in such denial I would not hold my breath.

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No, please don't do that JAS. Take care xxx

Hi Jeff

I can't see how reversing the polarity of the asbestos will make any difference...but, there is research going on to use magnetism to deliver drugs precisely to specific areas, so the unusual properties of Asbestos seems ideal for this type of treatment, which in turn may help Mesothelioma suffers.


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Interesting post, but sorry I am not conversant with the chemistry of Asbestos, but as you say if it is magnetic would it not disrupt MRI scans. ?? Your questions might be best put to some of the researchers in lung disease, of which many of them work in local hospitals. Not sure about reversing magnetic fields but it is worth the question. Good luck if you go further with this matter.

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Hello, are you saying there is asbestos in scanners? I dont fully understand?

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Hi Christine

The asbestos fibre in the lungs are magnetic, and when you go through an MRI scanner you are in a huge magnetic field.


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You do pose some interesting questions JAS; unfortunately I do not have any answers. Here is another off the wall idea: drug companie usually focus on more common conditions, so that if a new treatment works, they have a potentially large market. What if patients could vote to pick a more unusual area to research. Like researching if magnetism can be reversed with treatment & if so can it help in lung disease. I believe there were supposed to be military experiments post WW2, that reversed polarity & a submarine allegedly disappeared from radar view. Just wondering. .. x

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Hi DavidTSr50 here from the town of Harvey, IL. USA to tell you all from Great Britain that in in the early 70's I worked in a ceiling tile factory in a little town called L'anse, Mi. USA making ceiling tile panels full of Asbestos that I would breath in a eight hr. shift 7 days a week then I would get two days off than back to work I did this for four years. Thirty Three yrs. latter the lining of my Right Lung is full of Asbestos fibers so now you know my life story how I got sick so I will close for now David Tormal Sr.

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Thank you for replying David. Asbestos is a terrible thing indeed. Xxxxx

Asbestos was used everywhere, the Marley tiles everyone had in their new homes in the 50s/60s had asbestos in them, the Artex ceiling finishes popular in 50s/60s/70s/and 80/s contained asbestos up until 1984. the central heating boilers were lined with it and Asbestolux was the brand name of the stuff that was put on the eaves of houses. This was at home, let alone where you worked (brake linings for vehicles contained asbestos). My sister actually lived for a short while in an asbestos bungalow, she died of Bronchietasic and Emphysema (not a smoker), wonder if that was anything to do with that?


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It was asbestolux that we cut on a circular saw. and that was made with brown asbestos.

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