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Statement of reasons

Had my "statement of reasons" back from the court concerning my PIP claim. Just a quick question one of the statements in it says "She has had lung function tests carried out and has been told that she has full pulmonary function but has severe COPD"

Can you have "full pulmonary function" and have severe COPD?

Maybe I'm understanding it wrong.

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I would ask them to clarify " full pulmonary function" and the bases this was arrived at.

COPD is a known medical condition and a full pulmonary function test is used to determine the severity, usually by a spirometer test.


That's what I thought. I have severe COPD and Emphysema etc. To me having full pulmonary function means you have a fully functioning set of lungs with no problems. I have had CT scans and full pulmonary function tests done at the hospital. So confused.

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You can have full pulamary function even if you only have peanut size working ASK any asbestos suffer about compensation and FEV

Is a scam by ##### to rip fool people even tho you can have full pulmonary function every day tasks allergy dust mucus can effect defusing capacity as you not got much lung left


Sounds like you were refused a PIP- is that correct? Was your letter from the court after you applied for a mandatory reconsideration?


I got standard mobility after going to appeal and I asked for a statement of reasons just because I wanted to see what was written. I don't intend to challenge it as that would have to be on the grounds of a mistake in law. I t just confused me


Hi .....i got a bit fuzzy reading your post and responses. ....but i think that due to me be high on red red wine.

Ok....I had a full function test nearly a year ago.....

I understood that meant there was no other test that they could do to see how my lungs where working....other then F L F T.and that is is it.

I decline to enter the balloon blowing competition as the last one I entered I come second....but that was becouse I didnt hold on to it properly and i let some air escape ..Hague green Margate ...1960.


my poor poor lungs have well and Turely been no need for social workers .

My dear friend ....who ever you are ...

If you fancy a drink...or two....please come on over...😆

Andy xxx

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I know what a full pulmonary function test is ( I have had lots of these) i'm not referring to the test I'm referring to the statement saying I have been told I have full pulmonary function.


Hi fluke13Who made the statement full pulmonary function but has severe COPD.



Hi Preston146 It was the tribunal judge I assume. At no point has my consultant told me that I have full pulmonary function, in fact he has always made it quite clear how bad my lungs are for someone my age(42)


I suggest you ring the BLF nurses.


hi again fluke13...I do apologise for my last reply to you....I can see now I totally misread your post. .

probably misread quite a few others too..

will stay of the red bottles when I read posts in future ☺

I hope that you got some things worked out by now.

when reading your post again I can see why I got confused. ..besides the wine that is..

surely it was ment to say that you had a full lung pulmonary function test. ..and it showed that you have severe COPD. ..

Andy ☺


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