Bad morning

Woke up this morning coughing my lungs up, coughing really hard, lots of flem. Feeling really bad.

Had some breakfast and took my meds, and it seems to have settled down. Still feel like c**p though! My wife and her dad won't let me do a thing today! Maybe it's because I over-exerted myself yesterday. Done a fair bit of walking, and maybe pushed myself to far, I'm not sure. But I hope it's not a sign of things to come.

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  • Take it easy and feel better soon Symes. Xxxx

  • Thanks Sassy x

  • Sounds like a bit of having done too much and that you're now paying for it, but that doesn't mean you're stuck with it. It's a very up and down condition, and it's easy when you're not so good to feel wobbly about not recovering. At least you enjoyed yesterday!

    Be well.

    Sue x

  • PS - but bear chest infections in mind.

  • I will, thank you Sue. Amoxycillin and Prednisilone are on stand-by.

  • The overdoing thing is a definite factor with lung disease - an active day followed by a ' feeling like you've been run over by a bus' day.

    You might just get over it with rest but if the phlegm continues, I'd be thinking of infection as well. Hope you get it sorted .

  • Thanks :)

  • G'day Symes

    I totally agree with the earlier replies.

    Over extending your lung functions can lead to severe coughing, general weakness, and a felling of being unwell ( as Billiejean puts it so well "run over by a bus").

    The coughing is a common side effect, and you will find so many drugs noted here by many sufferers, tried and sometimes successful in helping with this.

    If I may offer you a suggestion.

    Pick the days you wish to walk, taking into consideration the temp and the wind factor. Use a finger oximeter to monitor your sats.

    Walk up and down the street keeping your home in the middle of the walk. This way you will never be far from the front door when you have SOB.

    But the best is, if you have one, walk indoors (Treadmill). Susan used one of these to great effect. Also helped by continual check on her sats with an oximeter.

    Hope this may help you.


  • Thanks for all the great advice Will. Unfortunately, I live in a small terraced house, and with three of us living here, there really isn't room for a treadmill. I will have to look at getting an oximeter though.

  • They will cost you about $25 aud. on ebay or possibly your pharmacy stock them. Do not buy the dear ones, the cheapies are good.


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