Good morning everyone, a lovely day today. Just after some advise and thoughts really. After many years of trying, and given a new machine STA VPAP 9 and a different mask Respironics whisp nasal mask, I am finally using it every night. The Brompton I am sure will be so pleased they don't have to nag me yet again. However I do have a problem with dry mouth and nose. To try and alleviate this they have given me a humidifier which again at first I couldn't get on with, but have now been using this for a few weeks, which has helped slightly with the dryness, although not stopped it completely. My question is this. When the weather is humid, it really affects my breathing, so having a humidifier pushing moist air into my lungs what effect does this have on breathing. I have noticed the last week or so that I have started clearing my throat again which had stopped, and wondered if this was due to the humidifier. I have clinic on tuesday so will ask but thought all you experts out there will have some thoughts on this. Have a lovely day everyone

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  • Hi MisUse. What a curious situation you're in. Like you, I avoid high humidity as I struggle to breathe in damp air. But I have heard on this site that using oxygen can be very drying to the respiratory passages, and you need a certain amount of moisture in the lungs for the oxygen to be absorbed, so maybe that's why you've been given the humidifier.

  • Hi thanks for replying. I'm not on oxygen, just a bipap, but it was just a thought I had the other day, re the humidity. I take your point about needing moisture. I'll let you know what the Brompton says if I can get to talk to a techie, during what is always a busy clinic. Jean

  • like you I wake at night and cant move my mouth as it has dried out, i have a humidifier on my Bi pap machine. i take bottles of water to bed with me so I have a drink when i awake in the night . not much help but your not alone

  • Oh dear, sorry to hear you have the same problems, I take lots of water to bed with me too. Not good to hear I am not alone, will let you know what Brompton says if I get a chance to ask about this. Jean

  • Hi Misuse,

    I too have just taken delivery of a Phillips Respironics BiPAP auto SV Advanced System 1(2016 model, 2 weeks ago). This is for central sleep apnoea, and sleep disordered breathing with severe congestive cardiac failure with AF. I basically stop breathing when i lie down and with this machine i can exhale more easier and i am not suffocating like the CPAP Machine did. It also breathes for me when I stop breathing which is most nights and daytime too, however its mind over matter knowing I am not going to croak' from the lack of oxygen.

    I have also got the humidifier too with 3 levels of choice, but i don't really use it in the summer months but would use it when I get very cold with the mask on. I think in your case you need to experiment and see what suits you. I don't know what level of control you have but on my previous CPAP set at 2 was quite good. This new one I've had it on 3 when i am very cold, although i think its more my severe heart failure, and the cold air from the BiPAP Machine



  • Hello Sailor, thanks for your reply. Hope you get on well with your new machine. Yes, am experimenting with different settings. No doubt I'll get it suited to me eventually

  • Hi. According to Brompton Drs, my bipap is working well and doing what it should. Gases have improved. Humidifier does not have adverse effects, and also I will still get a dry mouth even with the humidifier. Hey ho

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