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General anasthesia with breathing difficulties.

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Hi everyone, time has flew by since I last posted with my worries of having to have kidney stones removed under general anaesthetic as I am on oxygen 24/7 and use bipap machine at night. Anyway glad to report with the care of my surgeon, senior anaethnetist and my respiratory nurse I was able to have my op using my own bipap machine from home and was well enough afterwards go home the same day. So to anyone who is also facing an op of some kind, it is possible to have a general with the right support and care.

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Great news mich11020 . I'm so pleased it went well. Have a great weekend.

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mich11020 in reply to Caspiana

Thank you & you too.

Useful information and it's good to know this. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Thanks - people on this site were advising me have a local but it wasn't an option with the kind of disabilty I have so I hope my positive experience of having a general will lessen the fears of others who are awaiting an op.

Kind of you to post. I too have stones. Glad to know things should be ok should they cause a problem requiring an op. Wishing you well. Joyce

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mich11020 in reply to joyce74

Thanks Joyce - hope it all goes well with you too if you have to have them removed. Keep drinking the water!

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joyce74 in reply to mich11020

Will do Cheers.

I have gall stones and they won't operate due to my breathing ..... but may be because I have only 1 lung too .... there is another more recent way of doing the op but of course we don't do it here !! .... glad all went okay for you x

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mich11020 in reply to jjnanna

Thanks jjnanna, sorry to hear you carnt have your gall stones removed - not sure if getting a second opinion would help but hope they can do something to help you.

Thanks Mich, good info!

Last January I was to have an elective procedure with general anesthesia but canceled it days beforehand. I was in my third week of a bad exacerbation and was very concerned about being put under with my already poor breathing. Everyone was okay with my rescheduling but this is good food for thought.

Thanks pete, I felt calmer knowing my respiratory nurse was in theatre with me. All the best with your rescheduled procedure.

That is very good news. Glad everything went well for you.

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