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For a long time now I have been aware of the problems I have had from drinking various cartons of fruit juices jue to the preservatives in them.I used to feel unbalanced,tired & generally unwell so I stopped all these type of drinks,canned sugar free as well,if I drank the fresh orange juice,one carton then stop for weeks it was Ok.

With the warmer weather I have been having freeze pops plus I found some jelly packets & thought I would make some jelly with condensed milk stirred into it,love the the stuff straight from the fridge.But then I started to have some bad attacks of no energy,went to my doctor who said he did not think it was my heart problems that was causing this.I came & googled can fruit juice preservatives cause fatigue,one of the things I found was Mold preservatives in jellies.I will just have to stay on very little fruit cordial in water to see if I can tolerate,sadly no more jellies.

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Well done for tracking down the cause of your problems, Bootyasddict. You could still make jellies using gelatine and squeezed fresh fruit juice if you really get a hankering for one. You could also make a mousse using milk instead of water and whisking the mixture as it set.


Hi Ergendl,I would most probably burn it,never thought it was the jelly preservatives,I will just have to see if the problem stops,yesterday I went to see my daughter & I just felt drunk standing on her door step,came home & took a stematil Tablet,felt Ok later.

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I know sulphur dioxide is used as a preservative in some food and drink, and may effect health.


I will have to check on that,what I am finding is that is that whilst a lot is known about this problem with additives the food industry is a powerful lobby.I would like to see a book on the subject,like the computer book dummies for seniors.


Hi Bootyssddict, it might be worth considering maize (corn) as the cause of the problem. Everything you mentioned has maize in it. The problem is that maize is often not listed in the ingredients but things that are listed have maize in them. I have a long list of ingredients to avoid as they contain maize. Just to give you an idea, the following ingredients all contain maize: artificial sweetener, maltodextrin, acetic acid, caramel, citric acid, dextrose, flavourings, glucose, food starch, lecithin, xanthan gum, yeast etc etc. There is a lot of information on the internet about this.

Take care.



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