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Like Clockwork

11:30 PM, wake up for toilet.

Lay back down and can't get a comfortable breath. Two puffs, a cuppa and back down.

Argh, wide awake, get up and surf t'inerwebs for hours untilgetting sleepy again and it's time for work.

Thank goodness I work part time, just 3 days per week.

I am hoping it's the dying remains of the infection that started 2 weeks back, finished the meds a week ago.

Still very noobie to this COPD lark :-)

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Good morning Robert,

Sorry you can't sleep.....and if normally you have no problem then you are maybe right about the infection clearing up. I just do not sleep much so up at 2 o clock and went to see if the hedgehogs were at the food I'd left out for them. Ruddy great big black cat had his head stuck in the upturned box where I try and keep the food safe from these nocturnal feline friends/fiends, freed him and he shot off sharpish. Went back to bed to read the final pages of a smashing book by Chris Ryan "Who Dares Wins". Now on the computer - obviously- heh heh and checking the weather for tomorrow. First cup of tea of the day going down very well. My dog has come through now, deciding he wants to go in the garden. Ah, well lovely dawn is on the way.......and by that I do not mean Mmzetor's wife Dawn, if you are listening M.

Hoping you manage a nap later.



I also been awake for last few hours it's becoming a regular thing now never seem to be tired enough for full nights sleep, could be all meds I suppose


Could be right - there again- well - don't know your age but I don't need much sleep now. It's worse in the winter though with the long dark nights. I bought some daylight bulbs last year and they help tremendously if you read or have a hobby that entails sitting. At least the summer daylight means you can have a wander about in the garden, or watch through a window for the first birds, not forgetting that lovely first cup of tea...bliss.

A nap during the day is good though:-)


Hi Robert, what a pain it all is for you. Pete gets nights like that but luckily doesn't work now.

Take care xxxx

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Can't speak for others but used to have a problem sleeping or getting to sleep and staying asleep but find green tea really helps me.


I'm 57

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23:50 tonight, Thursday late/Friday early.

Nose stopped up something wicked,

That's half my 6 hours in maight get 3 more before 05:00

That's 4 in a row


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