Lung Denervation

Thank you all for your good wishes. Anybody who is interested in this procedure should ask their Dr to refer them to The Royal Brompton Hospital -Clinical Trials Dept for COPD. There are many trials going on, I was not suitable for lung reduction as my emphasemia was too evenly spread, but once you have had their tests they will tell you what is suitable for you. Good luck to you all.

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  • I wish I could sign up for this procedure but I live in the USA and I don't think I'd qualify not being a British you know if they're doing a clinical trial here in America with this procedure? Or even the one with freezing the inside of the lungs..we are the last to get any of the newest treatments here..are you still doing well? I hope so, I read the article and I felt so excited for you, to have your life back has to be miraculous..I hope you have continued good results and easy breathing..Good luck..Wendy G

  • Hi Wendy. This trial has been funded by an American Co. It is called Holaira Inc Plymouth Minnesota and their telephone No. Is 7634502800 you need to ask them about the lung denervation treatment. Good luck

  • Freezing inside lungs ould u get back with that please.


    This is the article out of your Daily Mail paper..I hope this link works for you..


  • A great post thank you Gilly,


  • Hi Gilly, so pleased for you and hope its onwards and upwards for you from now on. I would appreciate it if you could give me an insight as to how you are now as compared to how you were before the unnerve procedure was carried out in April. Do you still get breathless? How much more can you do now?

    Thanks and best wishes.

  • Thank you for your good wishes. The difference is quite a lot. Whereas before I would get out of breath going from one room into another, now I can walk around the SuperMarket. I sometimes get a bit breathless but it is much shallower than before. Check out if you would be eligible . Best wishes

  • Thank you for posting your experience and it is very encouraging. I had replied to you in another post however you may not have seen my posts. I just wondered if you had a spirometry before and after the procedure and if you can tell us what your FEV1 was before and what it is now? Do they anticipate this will also slow down or halt progression of the disease or does that remain the same?

    Again thanks for posting your experience.

  • what other trials are there?

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