Mucus, Friend or foe ?


All this COPD stuff is still new to me. I've quit smoking about 2 weeks ago, prior to that I was producing a lot of Mucus but since I quit a lot less (but it still there).

When you read about quitting smoking it often says that muccus is good as it helps to bring out all the nasty stuff that has accumulated over the years of smoking but when I read COPD articles it often states to avoid eating certain foods in order to NOT produce any mucus so Iam really confused. Should I be happy that I produce less muccus or should I try and produce more by eating certain foods in order to expel the bad stuff ?

Hope I explained myself well and thanks for any help !

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  • KD12 that's a very good question I'm in the same boat as you but I haven't smoked for13years buy I'm still choking on so much mucus I hope someone can come along and answer your question best wishes Kathy x

  • Glad Iam not alone Titchy !

  • Kathy sorry

  • Hi

    Normal mucus is a good thing, it is a lubricant which expels foreign matter trapped in our airways. Unless you have a bronchi condition which produces more mucus than required which intern can become infected. Plus inflammation of the airways again producing more unwanted mucus. It then becomes a bad thing, which requires extra treatment to maintain some level of control which as members will tell you is not always successful.

  • Thank you stone for your quick reply.

    I'am still a bit confused as to what would be normal mucus and what wouldn't be. I didn't feel the need to expel any substance for years but in the last year or so, and even more in the few months before I quit smoking, there was this urge to spit out a relatively big amount (without coughing).

    For example if I eat raw garlic, which i do now for its health benefits, I have more mucus coming up but Iam not sure if I should carry on eating it to expel the bad stuff or if it's a bad thing and should stop eating it.....

  • Hi

    I have made a new post the article his very long, worth a read.

  • Great ! thanks, heading there right now

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