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Does anyone else suffer from stiff muscles in the neck and shoulders as a result of coughing? I've been seeing a massage lady for weeks now but we have come to the conclusion that I would need to go every day for the rest of my life! She has a very serious piece of kit (a massage vibrator) which she has used on my but it's very heavy and I certainly couldn't sit and hold it for any length of time. Can anyone recommend a massage machine of some sort to use myself?

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Many thanks. Neither of them are expensive so if one doesn't work I can try the other! Interesting.


Hi, maybe one of the reasons your shoulders and neck muscles get sore when you cough, is that they are tense already.

People with breathing problems can hold a lot of tension in the upper chest area....I know my shoulders often seem to end up around my ears, and I have to make a conscious decision to relax them down.

My yoga classes seem to help .....shoulder rolls I find useful too, and low slow belly breathing with a relaxed upper chest and shoulders...and no clenched teeth, it's surprising where tension is held.

I may be wrong in your case, but relaxation does help me.....still cough though.


Yes, I know the coughing is important but it takes such an effort that it's not surprising that I tense up. My masseuse has given me some exercises as you suggest but the massage machine was SO relaxing! Many thanks.

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Yes - neck, collar bone, shoulder blades. I thought that trying to sleep in quite an upright position and then slumping during the night, was the cause. It's so painful that it affects my posture during the day. I've seriously considered getting a neck brace just as a reminder to keep my head up - not forward. I've had physio and tried various excercises and they helped a little 'while I was doing them', trouble is, when I'm busy with other things I'm not thinking about my posture. Haven't tried massagers but I think I might try one out.

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Oh good it's not just me then! Trouble is that I've had it for so long that I don't even realise when I'm tensing up. I love my wheat pillow which I heat up in the microwave but it's only short-term relief. It often sends me to sleep! I've had two links from another member today so I'm certainly going to try one to see if it helps. They are both from Argos and not expensive. Everyone is so helpful. Thanks for your reply.


Wow! I'm glad I found these comments! My neck has been getting worse and worse and I also thought it was from sleeping in an awkward position. I feel the need of daily massage but only do it for myself and it's not very easy!

I might see if I can get a 'bit of kit' to do it for me - I hadn't even realised such things were out there.

My husband would help me, but has arthritis in his thumbs and, although he will massage my neck for me if I ask him, I know it causes him pain. It seems a bit daft to get rid of my pain only to pass it on to him!

Thanks, all - I'm off to browse to see what I can find.



I had two Argos links supplied to me from 'stone' yesterday. I thought I would buy one first and see if that works, then there's always the other one to try if not. We could start a trend! This sort of interaction between us all is very useful isn't it? Thanks all.


I too get a sore back from coughing so much. I get like a knot in the middle of my back, that can be uncomfortable and can last for days. I also get a cramp right under my front rib cage, which I think it's a muscle spasm which lasts for only a short time.

Using a heating pad helps. Also, exercises for the back or neck helps (look up on internet). I also have a exercise roll that I lay on and roll back and forth on it, it helps loosen the stiffness. And like what other people have said, try to relax when coughing.



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