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G'day from "Down Under"

As July nears many here in Australia celebrate "CHRISTmas in July", I thought it might be appropriate to post my traditional X"mas display.

Of all the thousands of visitors we welcome to our home each December, one lady stands out. She turns up on one night,sits quietly,has a drink and a sausage with us and stays for 2 hours. One year I noticed that she had a tear in her eyes and I asked her if everything was okay. Her reply " I come here every year just to escape the harsh reality of life that exists outside your gates, and for these couple of hours I am in fairyland again, a place I used to visit in my mind when I was a little girl"

Over the past 19 years people have driven for many miles,maybe just like the lady, so if you have 10 minutes to spare, make a cuppa, sit down and enjoy

Here is the site

GOD Bless


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It looks delightful Will; it looks like it took many more hours to construct than it did. Back in the day I had a perfume called Christmas in July. I doubt I could wear it now. Does Christmas fall in July really. ? X


G'day Mate

With my first attempts, all those year ago, it certainly did take a long time. Trial and error

In my minds eye, every day should be like CHRISTmas, a time the world used to stop and reflect the real reason we celebrate this festive occasion. a time when man seemed to be able to get along with his fellow man.

Those were the days my friend

Stay happy



They were indeed.Had just got back from the Alfred after having markers injected into my prostate for start of radiotherapy and was feeling a bit sore and down.Cheered me up no end...loved it.Usually host a dinner here for Christmas in July and love doing it .This year obviously not able to do but an old friend said we can't stop this twenty year tradition so she is taking over role of host and we going to have at beginning of August.Plenty of kind people still around.


Good to hear from you Peter,I see you are still fighting.

Glad that you can still celebrate X'mas in July and nice to see you have friends willing to share the load. Weather has been pretty miserable hasn't it?

Susan not doing so well, this beast of a disease is on the march again. The transplant cannot come soon enough

Take care mate



this cold is a real problem I think.Have got myself a treadmill as the cold air is really affecting my breathing.Don't know if Susan finds it the same but even clean articial heat helps a lot but still not the same as naturally warm air.I hope some good fortune comes both your way.



Susan has very similar problems.

Yes opening the front door can set off a coughing fit, or even going from one room to another if there is a change in temperature.

Glad to see you have a treadmill, Susan uses it regularly, best device for anyone who needs to exercise without going outdoors.

We are pretty much resigned to day trips,shopping or whatever providing the temp is above 15c. Cannot go out at night, feel like hibernating thru winter.

When you are using gas or electric heating you may like to try this out.

If you do not already have one, purchase a face mask, most chemists sell them, they are the ones girls in pedicure shops or you may have seen them on TV, especially when filming in a smog filled city.

Put one on for a couple of hours and then check the outside,near where your nose and mouth are. This will give you an idea of how much rubbish you are inhaling.

Susan has an air purifier,which catches most of the airborn muck, very good at catching spores, the nasty little beggars that we cannot see, but they can do considerable damage if you inhale enough of them.

Good luck and keep on walking



That's very helpfill Will....thank you


You are most welcome Peter

Talk soon



G'Day mate

What a beaut of an idea....your display is fantastic, and must bring so much joy to young and old alike. Well done Will.

Pommle Velvet xx😂


Thanks Mate,

Saddened to read on here about how people are feeling re the "out" decision over there. I guess time will tell if it was the right thing to do.

I trust you are on top of the health issues (re your holiday).

Stay happy Velvet

Will talk soon

The wild colonial boy



Hi wild Colonial Boy😂😂

Your post has brightened my day enormously😂😂😂

It makes a refreshing change from all the gripes about the referendum


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Thanks Mate


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