Brompton bed delay

Travelled up in rush hour to be as asked at Brompton lind ward for 9.30am. On arrival banded, waited and after going to the desk an hr on, told no bed yet and no idea when. Test arranged at twelve so had l know no bed, test time, could of left home later. Not asked to phone ahead on letter.

Tests times were a mess, and one test was not book even though the ward gave me timed form. Was sent up to get an answer after four years by my consultant as hes not sure best way to treat. Left with no answer but a maybe cause. Which means once the letter gets to him, and l get my follow up maybe six month on.....making me with no further meds since june last year. Brompton more acid tablets only. So not impressed with Brompton, complete mess up for start.

staff have no sense of humour in lind ward. One nurse even maked my report sheet as l was rude, when it was a light hearted remark about the seven hours l waited for a jug of water by my bed. Ward sister did not even speak to me about written remark. Always thought there was two sides to a problem.

Best they could leave me with is a suggested connective tissue disease which they will not treat until it gets worse. My consultant may not also as he will have no idea what l really have. so here l am, looking at the internet, into what l can do to treat myself.

Last comment from Brompton, join a gym. Don't sit around. They certainly don't know me. Anyone else feel Brompton is not always the answer even if its meant to be the top place.

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  • Pete may agree sometimes Padilla but last time had no problems. Sorry to see not so great for you. X

  • understand two peoples treatment and experiences may vary. For the top lung hospital, surprised they were not better organized. x

  • Oh dear pamilla, how disappointing, especially as Brompton has a name as a centre of excellence.You must be very annoyed and fed up. Unfortunately, in spite of clever doctors, I have found that a hospital is only as good as its administrators and Brompton's seem to be useless. I do hope that you don't get left for another six months without any answers.

  • That's the problem, Brompton would not confirm my problem only suggested what it might be. My consultant want a true answer that's why he sent me there as u said they are the centre of excellence., so he has something concrete to treat. True, like u have found out they are not all we are lead to believe in many fields of their work. Just a shame, when its people like us who end up the sufferers.

  • I was under a consultant at the Brompton for a number of years. Was never happy with my consultant or treatment. When I went in as a patient for tests, they were badly organised and didn't write down important information!

    In the end I refused to go anymore.

    A former colleague of mine had a dreadful experience when they misdiagnosed but received much better treatment at a local hospital.

    Like most things it depends on who you get!

  • Really feel let down. My consultant sent me to get an answer, and took me off meds, which has been over a year now. Rehab will not give me treatment without a proper named condition from my local hospital, due to liability if treated wrong. Gp works along with my consultant. So everyone has been on hold on Brompton's report. Meanwhile l have to live with whatever it is, and hope it does not develop further. Told them when we had our final meeting before l was discarded on fri, letter going to PAL......its was emailed over today.

    ur words are so true. x

  • Sounds absolutely dreadful - In this situation I would have probably got the same remark on my notes!! Sincerely hope your consultant can get you more tests elsewhere in order to get to the bottom of your problem x

  • Thank you for ur reply. Brompton are meant to be the top in the field of lung/heart in the uk. That's not to say they know it all. Results seem to be based on how good ur consultant is on understanding them. email to PAL sent.

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