Copd diagnosed 5 years ago (2011)

Hello all, thought I would share my recent results which I am very happy with:

I was diagnosed with copd 5 years ago, had been smoking 20 per day for 38 years.

I stopped on 27 May 2012 at 5.45pm! My fev1 was 72% then. (Moderate)

Over past 4 years I took up gym and swimming regularly - I am now 56, just back from docs (15/6/2016) and my fev1 is now 79% border line mild/moderate.

Just shows that it can improve ........

Good luck and wishing you all good news

Br - OldVic

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  • Fantastic!!! xx

  • Great news! Inspiration for us all.😊 Rubyxx 😊

  • Good for you Oldvic :) It gives us hope to share good news.

  • brilliant news - well done oldvic.

  • brilliant :)

  • Di'awn x

  • Well done oldvic, it shows hard work pays off.

    You were diagnosed the same year as me and we're the same age xx

  • well done glad your hard work has paid of

  • Great stuff! Keep it up yeah? Just shows what is achievable with this disease..... When doing all the right things! 😀

  • Oh well done wonderful news

  • Awesome!!

  • That's a great result I go for my yearly today hope mines as good fingers crossed

  • Wow - so encouraging - thank you - Brooke @Brooke58 - one for us! x

  • I was diagnosed with COPD four years ago. As for smoking - I had had the very odd cigarette as I didn't get anything out of them. My FEV 1 has always ranged between 60% and 79%. This seems to be a constant.

  • Great , well done Oldvic. Keep going !!

  • Thanks so much for all your supportive comments, this is a great forum to be a member of...... Wishing good luck and health to you all.......

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