I' m very lucky

After suffering pneumonia and then pleurisy from the beginning of December last year ,followed by a prolapse (diagnosed a few weeks ago,) probably caused by the extreme coughing ,,,,I have been unable to exersise at the gym twice a week as I have done since 2008 ,,,Appartment from time off due to chest infections etc,,,,a couple of weeks ago I returned to the gym but failed miserably with my set program,,,,,I spoke to the PRnurse about my incapablities ,,,,,she said I was expecting too much of myself too soon and to take it easy and just do gentle exersises,,,,,so that's what I did last week ,today I received a letter inviting me back to do the 8 weeks pulmary rehab course.

So that's why I'm very lucky ,,,,,I've read on here many times about people waiting several months for a place in rehab ,,,,,I will take full advantage of this opportunity once again ,I have done the course several times over the years since 2008 and appreciate the opportunities I'm given to improve my health and fitness ,,,,I hope everyone gets the chance to do the pulmary rehab course,,,,the benefits are numerous,,,,,

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  • That is very good news!😁 well done keeping up your fitness levels all these years, you should be very proud of yourself Nanny!😁🙋 huff xxx

  • Thanks huffer,i am proud of myself really ,,,,,then again I wasn't keen on the alternative,haha,

  • One of the things which is so nice about people is the way they can struggle with their bodies falling apart and everything going wrong and still come up smiling and saying "I'm vey lucky". I do know what you mean, Nanny, - you're lucky to have another place on Rehab. And they're lucky to have someone so well-motivated and appreciative. Enjoy it. Sue x

  • Oh Thankyou Sue ,that's really kind of you to say that ,,,,I do do my best ,and I think that's why I get a place so easily ,,,,lots of people do the course ,,and go back to doing nothing ,,,,,I carried on exersising ,I'm also lucky that the PR COURSE is held at our local leasure centre ,and the gym is the next room to the course ,,so if I have any problems they're there for a chat. They saw me struggling with my breathing as I passed by last week and called in for a chat ,,,I told them about my other problem aswell as my COPD and how difficult I was finding it all ,,,,,hence the letter today to do the course again .i really don't know what I'd do without them ,,,I really do appreciate them ,

  • Such great news Nanny. Hope the PR course goes well for you. Pete went once but they advised him it wasn't for him. He tries to keep moving though as best he can and has the Royal Brompton tomorrow to see cardio doc. Take care xxxxxx

  • Hi Sassy ,I'm sure it will be fine ,tell Pete to keep moving ,even the sit down exersises are better than nothing ,wish him well for tomorrow,hope it goes well ,take care 💐😀

  • Thanks Nanny, Pete will be fine and l will keep him moving. Xxx 😉

  • hope you get on well with the course , I have to admit I never liked going best bits for me was the tea and chocolate wafers at half time and saying good bye at the end

  • Tea and biscuits ,,,tea and biscuits ,,,,,,,,not at our PR ,,,,,just a drink that we take with us ,,,,haha ,,,,,if you get 2or 3 people that make it more fun and relaxed its better and the time goes quicker , ,it's when you get people who don't really want to be there and will never get any benefit from it that spoils it ,,,but tea and biscuits,,,,,words fail me ,haha

  • we had between 7 and 10 people there each time , half the session we done exercises then had tea and wafers then the nurses give us some printed sheets and read them to us like we couldn't read , I fell a sleep in one session when she was reading from this sheet very embarrassing as she stood over the top of me and shouted think we should talk about people not being able to sleep well with copd all the others where laughing I nearly jumped out of the skin ,

  • HHaha ,,,,good job you weren't in our group haha ,,,,we do a full circuit,then have 10 minute break ,( with our own drink from home ) then the circuit again ,all paper work is given out at the end of session to read at home ,or sent to us in the post ,we do have people like oxygen therapy specialists come in to talk to us ,,but that's added on at the end of the session ,,,,but you would have been asleep during that hahaha,,,,hope it's ok. I've screen shot the tea and biscuits comment to show them on Thursday ,,,they may take the hint ,,,haha,

  • We had tea and biscuits at ours too. The physiotherapist took our orders and collected it from the machine! 😊

  • I'm getting quite envious of all these tea and biscuits comments ,,,think I'll have to have a word ,,,haha

  • yea your really missing out

  • we had proper made tea no machines

  • I hope I feel the same way I'm going to PR in august best wishes x

  • You'll be fine Tichy ,,,,,just don't expect the tea and biscuits hahaha ,

  • Apparently you get chocolate cake on the last day yummy can't wait x

  • Not at ours ,,,

  • Keep smiling Nanny and wish you all the very best in Rehab.

  • Haha I will ,looks like I'll be taking a put of biscuits with me ,,haha ,

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