DOPPING & Secret Life Of Celebrities blood transfusions

DOPPING & Secret Life Of Celebrities blood transfusions

Wile cursing web looking for that elusive cure I was reading about sports personalities celebrities and there folly with vain age related blood transfusions.

Me personally given stuff I have read on pro's con's I would not hesitate if only NHS would offer them.

The preserve of the rich One thinks .. also is best to keep eye on there follies well with regard the none medical emergancy blood transfusions.

We don't want em thinking we don't know what it's all about lol.

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I don't know about celebrities having blood transfusions. I do know about professional cyclists: they would give their own, highly oxygenated blood when they had recovered and were at rest, then have that same blood infused after a day's intense effort to boost them for the following day. Classified as cheating by the cycling officials. EPO is a drug, banned by sport authorities, that in some way helps the blood retain(?) or use (?) oxygen. It is used legitimately in many blood disorders. Maybe we could have some?

K xx

Be nice if we could or even bit of whats talked about in video and link but sadly a think it's preserve of the rich.

Thanks for comment great reply :)

Well this really is interesting. I wasn’t sure until watching the video. But what other time release effects could be hanging around in that young blood for later. Could I use some of my daughter’s blood to rejuvenate my lungs? Very interesting topic.

I dont think that would be ethical WELL unless you had consent.

Could be why few celebrites are adopting could even be why gazza was crying alot WITH him being skint :)

Oops yea forgot about the ethics, not that I'd want to do it ;)

Get me to ethics .. When it's FREE this no problem BUT if you want paying it's ethical issue

Guess that's what Forbes link was saying in article when talking about blood being complex issues.

Very interesting Jeff.

Makes me feel like biting into my young wife neck tonight ..hmmm. .wonder if it really works....

On this occasion am saying nothing lol

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