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I'm new here and not sure if I'm doing this right ,I have had breathing problems for many months my xrays were clear and bloods were fine ,I've never smoked ,I'm taking tablets for blood pressure and beta blockers the doctor stopped the beta blockers to see if they were causing it but it didn't make any difference ,I have a ventilin inhale with a spacer ,it has got to bad now I use a mobility scooter to walk my dog, I also have a dry mouth .im seeing the specialist at the hospital on the 27th hoping he can help.

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Hi Ep, welcome to this brilliant site. There is obviously something (serious?) going on in your lungs and you do need to get it sorted. If you are on ventolin then your doctor is assuming it is an obstructive lung disease. Have you had a Spirometry test? This can be done at the GPs and will show obstruction. Does the ventolin help at all?

Sorry about the questions but it sounds do difficult for you, and we are all very sympathetic.

Let us know how things progress

K xxxx


I've had some thing to blow down to show how much I could do ,I went on a nebaliser at the surgery that helped we tried steroids but they didnt help at all so he ruled out asthma and got me an early appointment at the hospital ,so now it's just waiting but the past few days have been rough ,I do get some days when it's quite good and I have to keep drinking as my mouth is so dry .


Hmmmm.... Steroids should help lnflammation and obstructive disease.

Roll on the 27th. It must feel like an age away.

Do you take anyone with you? I do, being a bit deaf it helps me to make sure I don't miss the salient points.


Kate xxx


Yes my son lives near so he will take me ,other wise it's two buses ,xx


Welcome Ep1234 - hope they can get to the bottom of your problems soon - please keep us updated


Thank you ,I certainly will ,after reading so many posts I never thought there was so many people with breathing problems ,I'm glad I found this site , xx


Hello ep , I too am dealing with a breathing issue that makes my throat extremely dry. I have tight chest and throat and feel suffocated all he time can't work or walk much if you look for Willvitch all my symptoms are on there. I have been dealing with this for years progressive , with cracking in chest and throat and popping sounds , I recently got diagnosed with heart failure but this issue was going on way before my diagnoses. I pray you find answers as I haven't yet it's horrible when there are no clear cut answers. We are all here for you .


Thank you so much for replying ,this has been going on for so many months and has got worse I often wonder if it is from my throat that is causing it ,my GP has been brilliant and has got me an early appointment at the hospital if it had a name I could go from there but feel as though I'm in limbo . I shouldn't complain after reading some of the posts on here there are so many people a lot worse than me. Thank you so much for replying.from Enid X


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