i was diagnosed with stage 4 COPD last june and put on oxygen almost 24 hours a day. immediately i started doing youtube breathing and upper body exercises. in march this year i started taking lowest dose magnesium. two weeks ago my oxygen level stopped dropping every time i stood up. my oxygen level has been staying in the 90s ever since. i have been off oxygen for two weeks. i give thanks first to the Good Lord, and St. Rita (stopped dropping on her feast day), then to exercises, then to magnesium pill. i still can't believe that i am not hooked up to oxygen. my pulmonologist said sometimes people get better. i am humbled by all of this. hoping telling what i did will help others. God Bless you all!

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Hi jarc, I read your last post about magnesium and after a bit of dithering, decided I'd try it. Probably only had ten days but I do think I'm feeling better. Sort of stronger muscles which includes those I breathe with. I'll let you know how it goes but, so far, a big thank you. Sue xx

fingers CROSSED! if you look up magnesium and COPD on line very informative....

Great news jarc13 and hope your post helps others. xxxx

thank you. still can't take it in and i had accepted i was in stage 4. dr will test me in 6 months and see what's what.

I'm not surprised you find it hard to take in. It is a bit of a body-blow, isn't it? You're doing the right things with breathing and exercises.

Have you talked to your doctor about going on a Pulmonary Rehab course? They're brilliant - exercise under supervision, education sessions which teach you about all sorts things and help you be more in control, and most of us have got such a lot from others on the courses.

You're off O2 and your sats are good. I hope you're feeling better as well. Take care, Sue x

I have just taken my 1st magnesium tablet so we will see how it goes, thank you for the info Jarc. I am stage 4 so anything that may improve it has to be worth a shot. How long was it before you found an improvement? Thanks again Xx

i noticed after 10 days. as i was taking it because of the God awful cramps i was having (cut advair to once a day, cramps almost all gone) and to my amazement my breathing was a speck better and it kept on getting better. that's why i looked it up to see if it was in my head, hehe. off oxygen now for 20 days. i've never been so grateful in my life.... i just pray it helps others like it did me.

Hi, Glad to hear that you are doing so well. I too have severe COPD and am on oxygen 24/7. Just wondered what kind of magnesium you take: There seems to be so many types to choose from.

Love these positive posts!

Take care


9 Common Types of Magnesium Explained:


I am taking NATUREMADE Magnesium 250mg (it says Magnesium Oxide on the detailed label). I began taking it for major leg cramps. Looked up cramps on line and it said Magnesium helps. It did for sure. However, I also noticed that my oxygen levels had improved slightly two weeks after I started taking it. The improvement continued until May 22 when they just didn't drop to the 80's. Took me two days to accept it. Hope you also see improvement!!!

I love hearing success stories. I am on those adcal calcium & vitimin D3 prescription supplements for Osteoporosis.

I've read the link Still Truckin, has kindly provided and the calcium Carbonate, in the Adcal is apparently, not the best option. Calcium Orotate is. Cost cutting again I suppose. I may just have to get my own.

I will definitely be getting some Magnesium though, it might stop my severe leg pain when walking up the slightest incline.

I've just read that the new super pill, containing over 30 vitimins, may be available withing 2 years as trials have been very promising for reversing brain cell damage. At this rate, I'm going to need a remortgage to pay for all these pills I'll be popping haha.

Thank you Jarc13 xx

Hi jarc..I happy that you are feeling better whatever the reson for it is...I've been taking magnesium pills for some time to help relive that terrible cramp that so meny of as get throgh the medication we have to use.....I have read that it good for you in other ways also.

Hope you carry on getting better....keep up the breathing exercises. xx

Hi Jarc, I have Bronchiectasis not COPD but have lots of infections that make me sob and my 02 levels erratic. I'm going to give the Magnesium a try too. Thanks for sharing the information with us and I'm delighted to hear how well you are doing.

Thankyou Jarc,

I too am going to try the magnesium pills. Thankyou very much for the information :-)

i have been off my oxygen since May 22. still can't believe it. very thankful. i pray all of you will improve too. you are all in my prayers. St. Rita is the Saint of the Hopeless. i am grateful to her for intercession and the Good Lord too. God Bless!

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