Breathing issues copd

Hi people ! Bit of a strange one. A while ago i was having shortness of breath and went to a&e. Explained my situation. Had ecg,blood test,lung xray,oxygen 98 percent.All came back clear. Doctor wanted me to have spirometrt test,which i have to book in with my gp.

The symptoms went away and now have came back. Feels like i cant breath through my nose and have to have me mouth open . I can exercise and walk fine.No issues there.

Worrying i have copd as i am a big smoker. Doctor said it could be asmtha or copd but wont know until a test.

Could it be stress or worry or me being overweight

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  • Hi and welcome to the site. It could be COPD, asthma or a range of other lung diseases, all of which may be made worse by smoking - so give that up while you are awaiting the verdict and give yourself a head start on making improvements. :)

  • Im trying to give up. Certainly calmed down. Would i be able to walk miles with copd or even mild

  • Yes, we have one member with severe COPD who uses oxygen and who competes in marathons. And another member with Pulmonary Fibrosis and Polymoyositis who walks up the Malvern Hills with his oxygen pack whilst awaiting a lung transplant. But they are not smokers, lol. Seriously though, whatever is finally diagnosed, you know as well as I do that it will definitely not be improved by smoking. And I speak as an ex-heavy smoker. Do your best to kick it into touch, it will give you something to concentrate on whilst you are waiting.

  • Welcome to the site Courtney. I'm not a doctor but I would say there's a chance you may have any of the large range of lung conditions.

    You now have the chance to stop smoking, which will not cure, but slow the progression if you have COPD. It's the most important thing for you to do.

    You would still be able to walk miles & continue with your life as it is, but if you keep smoking, this will not be as easy to do.

    Make an appointment for a Spirometry test & let us know how you get on. 🌺

  • Thank you people. Worried sick it is severe and only 33

  • Courtney, please don't worry & most definitely don't google! Too many scare stories. Talk to us & we'll tell you how it really is to live with a lung condition.

    One piece of advice I would give you is to definitely stop smoking. I know it's not easy but your GP or pharmacist can help.

    Take care 🌻

  • before you jump out of your skin, all smokers including myself as soon as our breathing changes we think the worst, COPD, CANCER, it could be many things, could be your thyroid, cholesterol, bronchitis, slow down relax, yes smoking is bad and we should all quit, however that is something your whole mind,body and spirit has to want or it wont happen plus you have to give up all the triggers that go with smoking especially at the beginning like drinking, card playing, bars, others who smoke(for a while not forever) morning coffee those are just some everyone has different ones.

    Never try to quit while you are stressed it makes it twice as hard. Be prepared for a long hard road and changes in your body. It takes months to fully quit, I know I did it for 3 months and then I had to take a drug to detox from morphine and the cravings were ten fold and I gave in. I did cut down, driving was the worst for me because I enjoyed driving and having a relaxing smoke. Now everywhere is non-smoking hell they are even making an outdoor park no smoking lol. I will try again one day. I did it cold turkey only because the patch never worked for me and its expensive. Im an all or nothing kind of gal. I know people who used Champix and did ok. The side effects scared me cause Im old but you are not and it could work for you, plus vaping is an option. Do some research but first find out what is wrong with you. Maybe you should see an ENT(ears,nose and throat guy) its your nose thats blocked right!!!!

  • Hard to explain. Just feels i cant breath hundred percent. Breathing through my mouth all time. Sounds daft ! . Gonna book a spirometry test with the doctor. I smoke a lot. Chain smoker to a degree and for someone who is 33 thats a lot. But also stressed,overweight. ( could be more active ! ) . Plus i live in a dusty flat due to main road. Just worry as COPD.

    I agree, know good tryimg to quit if stressed.

  • you just said it DUST you could be allergic to it, before you go booking all these tests get a full work up from your dr. blood check everything, cholesterol, thyroid, electrolights, vit B,. Stress can also cause shallow breathing. Ask yourself the following. Is my breathing and stuffyness as bad if I go visit someone, when Im in the car with the AC on and windows closed, when Im in the mall relaxing. When Im chatting with friends at their house not thinking about my breathing.

    Is my skin dry, has this only happened recently, do I have pain? Have I tried other remedies like an allergy OC medication like Claritin or Reactine. Is my breathing worse in different rooms, have I tried closing the windows and do a good dusting in my house. Would an air purifier help me? STOP thinking the worst please. Try the small stuff first.

  • I had lung x ray a while ago,ecg,blood all fine. 3 days ago my blood pressure was fine and scored 98 percent on oxygen.

  • I only think its COPD due to my smoking. I am young but youbcan get it any time

  • DUST can affect your nose and your breathing. Your oxygen is 98% thats near perfect especially for a smoker. Your BP is good, you said your blood was good did they check for thyroid and such.

  • Blood test checked everything. Nurse said i dont sound like a smoker and for someone who does my oxygen would expect to be about 95 . Although,from reading,oxygen dont matter to a degree. The doctor said last time im overweight but not unfit. Cut down on smoking and could be early signs of COPD or Asmtha

  • Did you tell him there is alot of dust flying around your flat. All drs want us to quit and they use those words like a firing squad. Did he say lose weight or have a heart attack or your cholesterol will skyrocket or your thyroid go out of wack. Listen it wouldnt matter if you dusted all dam day its in the air and you are breathing it in. How long ago did they start working around your place? Did you just move there? Ask yourself simple questions.

  • Been here a year and half. I had issues before so went to hospital. That is when i had thos tests. Then the situation went away on its own. I needed to go docs for spirometry, but never went as it went away.

  • Have you ever been tested for allergies? Is the dust from the street worse than before. Did the dr give you puffers? Have you ever thought of allergies? You dont have to have the classic symptoms to have an allergic reaction to something. Understand

  • No puffers and never been tested for allergies no !!! I just think the worst and copd ?

  • My flat does get dusty. But i try keep on top of it.

  • has dust always been an issue where you live? You could have easily gotten allergic to it. Calm down check it out. Is your flat dry like your skin dry or your hair gets frizzy when you brush it, ststic from carpet all means your place is dry which in turn will bother your nose and breathing. Many reasons before COPD

  • Flat has always been dusty yes. I have windows closed. But obv now nice weather they are open. I just put it down to smoking as i smoke a lot for young age. I am gonna book a spirometry. My lungs was fine so nothing major. As u said,coukd be nothing. Ive always been healthy and never suffered with anything.

  • I do suffer with stress and anxiety as well. Do you have copd. How long

  • Hi most copd sufferers are or have been smokers so it is very possible you do have it. The definitive test is usually the spirometry one so make an appointment for one asap. If it is copd then the sooner it is diagnosed the sooner you can take action to prevent it getting much worse. x

  • Hi you are very young to have copd so maybe it is asthma instead? If you are diagnosed with it you must make sure the doctor gives you a simple blood test for Alpha 1 Deficiencey. This is genetic but fairly rare and it is standard to do this test if you are diagnosed at your age. x

  • you sound like me lol. If its just your nose and breathing it could be an allergy something so simple can be a real pain in the ass. Try using a spray for allergies in your nose (not Otrivin) very bad, ask dr for a cortiscode steriod for allergies like Avamys. Dont think the worst think positive, I too have been smoking over 40 years, Im also overweight arent we all. I cant exercise or walk too far because I have 4 discs bone on bone but I do have allergies to dust, sawdust, THC, lol, fresh cut grass, and when I go outside in the sun I sneeze twice plus when the weather changes I get stuffy and like you breathe through my mouth which is not good especially sleeping then you become what they call an air swallower. I dont get runny eyes or runny nose, I get stuffy and headaches and cant breathe through my nose. My allergies went away for a long time and now they are back ten fold go figure lol. Good luck

  • Have you got copd

  • I might or might not, they throw that word around to me because Im a smoker has anyone said to me YOU HAVE COPD no, I did all the tests and like Ive told people on here they never told me squat my FEV nothing, just gave some puffers to help with breathing. When my thyroid isnt right I have problems breathing and no energy, same with my cholesterol. I had no problems with either until I was in my 30's then bam they said it was nothing I did because I dont eat red meat and very little fried foods and never add salt they used a big word predispoditioned meaning it was meant to be. So dont get your knickers in a knot thinking the worst, our bodies change with age something we cant help and stress can be a big contributing factor to symptoms. I just thought of something to help with your nose and breathing. Get a vaporizer if you dont have one, put a little vicks liquid or a menthol oil in the lip of the vaporizer, it will help you breathe at night. Maybe you need a humidifier your house might be too dry, there are all kinds of reasons behind stuffed noses and trouble breathing. Maybe you are getting a chest cold. RELAX you have years to worry about crap lol. Where do you live?

  • I live north london. Thank you for your reply. Everyone on here gives informative answers. Really appreciate the help.

  • Please try the small things first and see if any of it helps or makes sense. Just because something didnt bother us when we were younger doesnt mean it cant be a pain as we get older. Dont jump to the worst just because you smoke. If you get a headache do you think OMG I have a brain tumor, or if your arm falls asleep OMG Im having a stroke, NO!!!! give yourself a break before you give yourself a heart attack lol smile :) You check a pool has water before you jump into it so check your pool (body)

  • Very true. I shall start evaluating things. You have been very helpful. I will try cut down smoking though .

  • Im more of a holder now than a smoker, like I just lit one a while ago maybe had 1 or 2 puffs looked over and its gone lol. Even my friend said to me are you ever going to finish that smoke because I was too busy talking but I was holding it. If you smoke strong ciggies try this take a pin and poke 1-2 holes in your ciggie close to the filter not on top of it just away down your ciggie will not be as strong then u can easily switch to a lighter one and not feel deprived its a mind trick also use those extra filters that reduce the tar and nicotine they help and you dont feel deprived.

  • Hi, I've got some breathing issues as well- cannot take deep breath , you mentioned that high cholesterol can impact breathing -could you explain please. My cholesterol is over 7 - I wonder if I should try taking statins

  • You've had lots of replies and responses, but I just wanted to say hello and welcome as well. I hope you get it sorted and have some peace of mind soon. It's worth bearing in mind that you can't possibly have all the things you think you've got, so try not to worry so much.

    Take care and let us know, Sue x

  • Morning Courtney

    You are worrying to much about things it's like googling it and finding out you should have died last week I've got copd which is the emphysema I have asthma as well I had a problem with something like this happen to me & yes I still smoke now an again what they found its down to an allergy they gave me one tablet a day of 180 ml of fexotenadine hydrochloride it stopped everything runny nose headaches I can breath though my nose and everything before the tablets I couldn't breath though my nose so don't worry so much if they thought it was bad you would be in hospital so don't worry don't google it you will be alright you may not feel it but you will Are worst enemy is our self

    Hope you fell better soon

    all the best


  • You say you're ok breathing through your mouth so it could be a problem with your sinuses.

  • ":?

    I have trouble breathing through my nose fact I even woke up many times at night unable to breathe very well..I decided to try using Breathe Right, it's a clear plastic strip that goes across the nose and holds the nostrils open..guess what..they really work..I think I look kinda like Miss Piggy but at least I can breathe through my nose instead of holding my mouth open and trying to suck in air..Wendy

  • Hi people !! Went to docs yesterday and they listened to my chest - all clear. Spoke to me Dr and he said i have good tests before and very thoroughly. They dont think it is anything underlined. I have a spirometry booked for next week. So will go from there.

    Thank you to everyonr for their concern and feedback.

    Really appreciated it !!!!

  • How is everyone doing on here ?

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