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A sunny day here ,,,,in the garden doing a LITTLE potting up of a couple of the tubs ,,,,,30 minutes later ,,, sneeze sniff sneeze sniff ,,,,so back indoors ,,,and left it to hubby to finish ,,,,,although I did do an awful lot of ,,,,,,,pointing ,,,,and ,,,shouting " not there ",,...,over there ,,,,,left a bit ",,,, might have to move them a bit tomorrow while he's watching the football ,,,haha ,,,,I'm tactfull like that ,hahaha,

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  • Oh Nanny that so sounds like me giving orders to my dearly beloved! He does get a bit cross though, no patience at all! How does yours take it? Xx

  • Haha ,,,,sounds a bit like my hubby ,,,,,that's why I move things about when he's engrossed in the football ,,,,,,or fast asleep in the chair ,,,,haha ,,

  • Aaah that was miserable and frustrating for you Nanny,

    Sounds like you will have to brave the garden again.....he will never know if there is a football match on tv!!!


  • Sooooo true Jennifer ,,,,,I could commit murder when the match is on ,,, and get away with it ,haha,,,,although he's not a happy hubby ,,, his team Newcastle have gone down. Xx

  • Manchester United never even go to play!

  • I know ,that must have been scary ,

  • Hi Nanny, not out too much at present. First it was the dreaded D&V & the heat. Now I am too cold & I have a water bug. Dave is busy planting out & this means making boxes & support systems. He is really happy out there. Me, well I have been sorting stuff & trying different video editing systems. Not doing too well but I will..

    I want to go out but need to stay close to a convenience. We are going to Trentham gardens later this week , so bugs better go...

    Love Margaret x

  • Hi ,oh how I love Trentham,,,,,I hope you chose a nice day ,,,but not too hot ,

    I can spend all day there ,I'm a bit like you at the moment ,,,,darent leave home in case the max works ,haha ,,, not funny I know ,I'm like you I'm either too hot or cold ,that's Due to under active thyroid,,,,at least I've got a nice view from the window ,,,,watching the barges on the canal go by ,some are really lovely decorated with plants all on them ,and painted beautifully ,

  • We also share an under actve thyroid . Are you plagued with drh skin? X

  • Sure am , dry hair ,lethargic ,insomnia and ,when I wear black trousers the waist band is like it's covered in dust ,,,,I've just had my annual test and the Dr upped my pills to 125 ,,,,,,fingers crossed

  • Hope you feel better soon, Margaret. Doesn't seem right when you're struggling with a lung problem to get other, unrelated bugs as well, but I suppose why not. Sounds as though you're a bit run down. Hope you enjoy Trentham gardens and that it lifts your spirits. Sue x

  • Trentham Gardens hold special memories for me Margaret, so you have a wonderful day, and I hope the bugs clear up before you go:-)

  • My sister used to go to the dances at Trentham,

  • How lovely. did my Mum - I have a beautiful photograph of her in evening dress on steps in the gardens.

  • Hello Nanny, I started a reply to you at 3.00am because your post made me laugh. Not because you were sneezing and sniffing but but because of the shouting directions. Don't know what our neighbours must think of me! Hope your tubs look lovely when they're in full bloom. Sue x

  • Thank you Sue , I'll put a picture of them on here when they're in bloom ,

  • Forgot to say that I couldn't finish the reply because the computer closed down for1/2 hour to update the software. That's what they get up to at night! x

  • I know what you mean ,,,,nightmare when it's update time ,,x

  • sounds like you make a good foreman or are you one half of the chuckle brothers ,

  • Not my style mmzetor,,,,,more like Mrs Brown,,,

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