I hope someone can help I have been on the forum before re my husband and I welcomed all the advice and info people gave me,  he was admitted to hospital on Easter Sunday he spent 3 days there with chest infection now we have another problem my husband when sitting in the chair or in bed he is perfect but if he moves about he gets very short of breath the doctor has checked his oxygen and air flow to his lungs all spot on the oxygen levels are 97% so we cant understand why he is getting so breathless, we thought maybe it was his heart he is waiting to have an ultra sound on his heart but the blood test he had for heart failure has come back normal, he has had COPD for around 4 years he has Ventolin and a spacer but these do not help at all, has any one else had these kind of symptom's? if so any advise would be welcomed,   Thank you

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  • Hi Chester,

    97% oxygen sounds pretty good - recovering from infections take time; it's quite a lot longer than for a COPD patient even though we think we are over it.

    He's getting all the right treatments, COPD monitored, checks for heart failure etc and there are a few other drugs that they might decide to offer him which MAY help.

    Compare to mine: 94 - 97%, couple of infections a year, moderate COPD (54%) and yes, sitting I breath fine, active (using the term loosely) I can get quite breathless - enough to worry others.

    A course of Pulmonary Rehab (PR) might help him to get better control of breathing - worth asking about it.

    Don't worry, he's receiving treatment and will be fine.

    Best wishes

  • Thank you I feel a bit better now, all sorts of things go through my head and I am sure my husband is the same, he is waiting to go to Pulmonary rehab apparently there is a waiting list, but thank you for your advise.  Take care

  • I did a PR course a few months after being diagnosed - the letter arrived today offering me another course (organised by my GP) which I plan to take full advantage of.

    The first course was really good but when you arrive with no real idea of what is going to happen I feel I missed many useful bits so this time I intend making notes etc.

    I do remember some of the breathing techniques and they prove every helpful.

    I'm sure your husband will get great benefit from the course (ask if you can attend with him - the education section is brilliant!) and develop a good understanding of how to live with the COPD

  • I agree I think I am going to ask the doctor if she can hurry things up for him and I will certainly go with him.  Take care

  • Hi, this happens to me at times too...a good O2 reading but still very breathless.

    How often is your husband using the Ventolin ...does he have any other inhalers at all to use as a preventer?

    Best wishes

  • he uses it around 4/5 times 2 puffs a time and also Spiriva in a morning although he doesn't feel any of it is helping, I think I will have to push the doctor to get him to the Pulmonary rehab course, Thank you for your reply  take carex

  • Hi Spiriva is a longer acting bronshilator and helps to strengthen the lungs in the long term.  He should be on another preventer like symbicort to use twice a day as this has immediate effects.  If he is not you need to ask for one.   x

  • Hi I have just phoned the doctor he is ringing me back re a different medication, so fingers crossed.  Takecare.

  • Hi Chester, I agree with coughalot ....he doesn't seem to be on a preventer inhaler only relievers . Please make an appointment with your GP and explain the breathlessness that your husband is experiencing and the amount of Ventolin that he needs. 

    Have you rung the BLF  helpline at all? Take care and best wishes.

  • thank you for your reply the doctor is ringing me back re another type of medication I rang the BLF and they also suggested that I should ring the doctor.  Thank you and take care

  • Hello, Firstly I know how worrying this can be.  It is scary.  When my husband has very bad infections it can take some time for his recovery and he always worries.  Has be been put on steroids as well as antibiotics - my husband is always given 30mg of prednisoline (not sure of spelling) and although they do have side effects they do take down the inflammation in his lungs and help his breathing/breathlessness.

    My husband also uses a preventer inhaler - symbicort twice a day which is really good. Actually it is a combined preventer and releiver which means he uses the ventolin less.

    I hope that some of that information helps.  Good luck to you.  Lots of love to you and wishing your husband a speedy recovery xxx

  • Since before Easter he had a course of Prednisolone and then a course of antibiotics and prednisolone then he was rushed into hospital he was then on a higher dose of prednisolone and a different antibiotic in total he has had 5 doses of antibiotic and prednisolone, we have a rescue pack in at all times.  But since reading other suggestions re symbicort I am waiting for the doctor to ring back, he also has AF and they are checking his heart, when he is sat he is fine but if he has to walk then he loses his breath and I don't think that can be good for any one.  Thank you for your advice take care xxx  

  • try purse lips breathing deep breath in then purse your lips let air out slowly  do a few times opens the lungs up

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