Advice anyone? I have copd and since friday down with pneumonia. Have abs, prednisolone and antifungal stuff for when the oral thrush kicks in. Last time it went right down my eosophagus. Please dont think my question stupid. Gp iv seen was bit rushed when she came out. Didnt get chance to say much to her, in between frightening choking coughing bouts too. Thing is this saturday a big family get together, with most of my kids and grandkids, most of them travelling miles. I was supposed to be helping with food...should i go? Or not.....its heartbreaking to pull out, but i really am poorly. Ive only been diagnosed with all in the last year. I dont want to let my family down, but two of the children have health probs. My kids are kind and i know would put my health first, but i just keep thinking maybe i should/could? Im sorry this sounds wet, i have other health issues and its all got a bit much.....

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  • Diana1954 I'm sure your family will understand it's not worth catching any other germs and u landing in hospital u have to put yourself first best wishes x

  • Hi, you can only really go if you feel up to it. Your family would understand Xxx 

  • I think you know yourself that you not really up to it as if you were you would not need to ask.  It is such a shame and I feel for you and your family will also feel for you but they will understand.  They know you and will feel for you to.  Hope you get well soon. Love Moi X X x

  • You are the only one who can know how you feel so trust your own judgement, you will know if you are up to it ornot and a loving family will understand and be glad you haven't made yourself worse.

  • Hi Diana1954, so sorry you're feeling so unwell. You really need to take care of yourself if you've got pneumonia. You would need to be feeling really good by today to even think of going anywhere at the weekend. 

    It's a great pity but your health is very important. I'm sure your family will understand & be telling you to take time to recover. 

    Only you can make the decision so just trust your own judgement. 💐

  • by the sound of things,and the weather shutting down,go to a & e for a check up

    then stay in and look after yourself,take car 

  • Not wet all all. 

    Pneumonia is very very debilitating, taking weeks to recover from. 

    The only way you can be present is to sit and watch and ensure you don't hug, kiss or breath on anyone - some strains of pneumonia are contagious - not to mention the strain you you put your body under. Listen to someone who knows, I had it five times in about 18 months. Horrendous. It can really knock you for six so be good to yourself. You don't want to put yourself in hospital do you 😐.

    Drink loads (not alcohol with your antibiotics), take some probiotics from Holland and Barrett - at least 5 million to help keep thrush at bay, also avoid sugar if you so susceptible to it because sugar feeds the fungus. I take 20 million for during and a couple of months after antibiotics.

    Wishing you all the best for a good recovery. Peege

  • Good advice peege 😃

  • Hi Diana, most strains of pneumonia are infectious ... I get that you don't want to let people down but if you turn it round the question could be 'do you want to risk infecting them?'

    We all suffer health problems and need to take care of ourselves - my son, following a motorcycle accident four years ago (which cost him his right arm), also has some health issues.

    When ever I have an exacerbation, I call him and tell him to keep away until I call again to say I'm clear. I don't want to risk him catching my infections as his chest was weakened by the accident.

    Sometimes we must think about ourselves and at others we need to think about others.

    Whatever you decide - best wishes

  • Hi Diana, only you will know if your feeling up to it or not so maybe make your mind up on Friday. That's the trouble (or one of Lol) with Copd we can't really commit to anything. I have my Grandaughters christening next month, step sons wedding in June and daughters wedding in November, what's the bet I won't make all three! Hope you soon feel better. Love S Xx

  • Hi Diana, if you decide not to go do you have access to Skype so that you could contact them for a while at the party....that's is if you feel well enough. Or ask for some photos . Just an may think it would not work for you.

    Take care

  • Hi Diana, thinking about your own health is not selfish & the best thing that you can do for your family is get yourself well, because they love you & that means wanting what is good for you.  It's interesting that you write ' should/could', because who says we 'should' do anything, we're the one making the rules & nobody has the right to say what we ' should' do.  Certainly you 'could' go, but you'll jeopardise your health & as y_not says, possibly pass on infection. Treat yourself well knowing that you deserve it & you will likely reap the benefits & help yourself recover & sending them loads of love😃

  • Diana.  Please take care of yourself.  I can only say if you have pneumonia don't attempt to go, but keep in the warm, eat what you can - probably something not too heavy, and drink plenty. This must be a great disappointment for you but I'm sure your family will quite understand.  All that will matter to them is that you get better a.s.a.p..



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