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Hi lots o uanswer questions 'just found out few wks back I have emphysema and bronchitis .before all this was being treated for bad sinuses and nasal drip witch gave me a cough ,had a ct scan on lungs doctor said it the worst he's seen for someone my age ! So that was a great comfort ,what I'd like to ask anyone out their is  it normal to feel tierd all the time also had joint pain in arms for some time doctor thinks it's repetitive strain this started in one arm months ago and now in both , thanks xx

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  • I think most people on here will agree that we all get very tired very easy because our bodies have to work so much harder.

    As for the joint pain my nurse told me that the lack of oxygen to the joints can cause pain but im not sure it would be in just one area 

  • Thanks for getting back ,just no sure I all this is linked x

  • Pete is so tired all the time and is asleep in his chair now. I agree with Mandy, the body has to work so much harder. Not sure about the joint pain but worth getting checked out further if you don't agree with GP. Good luck to you. xx

  • Thanks for the reply have been passed on to physio ,hopefully my next visit to hospital will find out a lot more x

  • I'm always feeling worn out xx

  • Hi Shona I think most of us feel tired all the time. I guess it's just breathing with a lung condition takes an awful lot of energy. Rest as much as you can. x

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