I seem to be putting the pounds on I have gone from 11stone to almost 16 stone in a matter of months I know how but it's trying to get it offi have stopped having sugar so much but it's the sweets it as been over a year now from my last cig I still go mad for a cig but I fight it and think of what smoking done to me so is there anything out there apart from eating nothing ???

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  • Edtongue1 it's so hard not to put weight on when u give up smoking I gave up 13years ago I had help with patches but I put 3stone so I started walking id go for hours that was before I was diagnosed with copd so I still walk but not so far and I've cut dwn on sugar it's hard but I'm sure you can do it there's lots of help out there slimming world and weight watchers wishing u the very best of luck x

  • It is so hard but try cutting down and eating smaller portions. Don't buy sweets and make healthier choices. I wish you well.

    Pete weighs more than he ever has because he is not so mobile. I try and guide him but that's not easy either. Xxx 

  • How about sugar free chewing gum?  You can also buy suger free sweets.  x

  • Not sure chewing gum is recommended for people with lung problems Bev. I remember reading it but don't know where.

  • Eating that's what it is....your the same as me...I know it.  It  helps to have a fridge in your bedroom. ..have you got one Edtongue?..I have..I don't want to be getting out of bed and walk down steps and up agian in my condition...

    Make it easy on yourself I say...like now just a few feet from my bed ...I don't even have to put a light on ...the fridge does that when I open the door..I got a packet of hulloumi a big bowl of black very sweet seedless grapes sat on the edge of my bed and ate the lot☺

    I blame stoping smoking for making me so fat and smoking for asthma and copd.

    But all those slim non smokers will say I've only got myself to blame...they must know awful lot about me😊

    Australian gold creamy brie with the white very sweet seedless grapes next.

    That's me done...night night.

  • veg sticks? like carrots and cucumber or sugar free jelly or that poisonous stuff.. celery

  • sounds really exciting.....you have made my saliva glands go into overdrive diesel so heading to fridge for light cottage cheese on a rice cracker

  • Hi   If you can stop the cigs you can do anything.  Just think how good you will feel if you conquer this as well!  I feel for you as it is hard.  Go for it I wish you well X X x

  • Hello Edtongue1, sorry I can't help on the weight problem have the same problem myself. Suggestions I have been given are celery seeds , honey and water before meals, and saffaron. Think these are more aimed at getting our money off us by herbal /health companies. Simply changing the foods we eat can help loose weight. Keep up the no smoking and well done, good luck with the weight loss plan.

  • Hi, I was also piling it on. I have started exercising and go to Zumba twice a week with walks in between. The weight is now slipping off slowly and I feel so much better for it. X

  • Some people find drinking fennel tea or chewing and swallowing a few fennel seeds can help stop hunger pangs - a traditional remedy for a growling stomach during a long Sunday service in church.

  • I gonna try the tea

  • I eat jicama!

  • Had to google jicama as never heard of it before but don't think I would be able to buy it over here anyway.


  • Hi Ed

    I gave up just over 2 years ago now (cold turkey).  I also tend to have a sweet tooth but used flavoured teas to get through without gaining a pound.  There are some lovely flavours e.g. Salted caramel, fudge, cherry bakewell.  If you really want them sweet use granulated sweetener.  Worked for me 😊

  • Glad I read this post. Now off to buy some fudge flavoured tea :) yummy!

  • Twining so website.......under green teas

  • Thank you Rozi, will take a look :)

  • I also need to lose weight, quite a lot of it.  Recently saw this sign; 

    Losing weight is hard. Maintaining weight loss is hard. Being overweight is hard. Choose your hard.

    Doesn't make it any easier but makes sense. Good luck to you 

  • Cut down on the carbs which just give short term sugar rush. Avoid low fat foods which normally substitute sugar for fat. Nuts are great for snacking rather than crisps. 

  • Watermelon is good for making you feel full, if you can get hold of a ripe one, and a real liquorice root to chew from the herbalist can last a week. Try freezing small pots of  yoghurt as well for a treat.  You are doing very well indeed so keep it up - you should be proud of yourself.


  • Well done for quitting smoking don't worry about the weight I did the same and I swopped cigarettes for mints it all takes time. Ask your local swimming pool if they have a aqua class  

  • I think most of you know I haven't had a smoke in 6+ years - what I do have is a lovely sweet lemon vape in my e-cig and never a withdrawal symptom in sight.

  • Hello, I understand just how you feel, I have gained sooo much weight since I cant get around so much, and out of all the excercise  that I do nothing seems to help, so what do you do?

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