COPD diagnosis?

Hello all, what a lovely community.

I have a spirometry test booked for the 28th April after a bit of a mix up at the doctors. I have been suffering with a bad cough for about a year or so, went to GP in November and sent for chext x ray and blood tests. Rang dr for results to be told that I had vit D deficiency but xray was fine.  When I went to the docs to get prescription for vit D the dr said I should give up smoking as I could get COPD in the future, was a bit of a scare and have managed to refrain from smoking . I went to the dr yesterday about the cough still being there and the dr I see (locum) was looking through my notes and said have you been for your lung function test? I was a little confused as did not know anything about this, apparently on my xray that I was told was fine it had 'suggested COPD' written in the notes . I was a bit annoyed by this as its been 4 month since but I guess better late than never.

WIll just have to wait for the results of the tests now but I know something isn't quite right.

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  • Hi porky 5, well done on giving up smoking as that will always help. I do hope you get things sorted out healthwise very soon and do let us know how you get on.

    Take care xxxxx

  • Thank you, I will keep my fingers crossed x

  • There are some possible things that show up on X-Ray as indicating COPD. But I don't think that a diagnosis can be made on that alone. Well done with the smoking. 

    Test results can be maddening as the doctors are not always good at interpreting and then communicating with us.  I have become somewhat cynical over the years. And tend to do my own diagnosis. 

    Keep us posted.

    K x

  • porky5 that's brilliant giving up smoking it will help u whether u have copd or not good luck on results x

  • My xray came back with the same comment, then I had my spirometry test in Feb and got my copd diagnosis. It scared me silly but i found this site and it has lifted my worries as all the questions I had have been answered here. The folks here have listened and supported me through this and I'm now in a place where I understand and accept what is happening but also understand that the illness doesn't define me nor does it stop me doing the stuff I want to do, I just have to pace myself and listen to my body. I guess what I'm trying to say is, welcome you have come to the right place xx

  • Good for you for giving up.  I'd be very annoyed about this for you could have had tests done much earlier. We really have to keep our eye on our own well being don't we. I'd be wanting to ask questions and get answers.  We really are the forgotten and made to feel a nuisance.  Good luck with everything .


  • I do feel a bit let down by the dr not giving me the results sooner but at least I have them now and have my test booked in. This is a great site and everyone is so supportive. I don't want to jump the gun until I get my results and worry about it too much but the information I have found has put my mind at rest as lots of you are leading normal lives x 

  • good luck

  • Thank you still another week to wait

  • well whatever the results that come back.. you've done a LOT already and can cope well I'm sure 

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