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Hi everyone  I am on  a ventilator called a NIPPY 3+ to expel carbon dioxide . I have used this machine for 14 months and it has been great , no swollen ankles , foggy brain or headaches . My stats had improved and I was sitting at 92-94 all good until about 3weeks ago , I started feeling very warm , difficulty breathing stats started dropping low eighties felt very week , lay on my side doing deep breathing through nose and slowly out through pursed lips until I felt better , the same thing happened every day between 5pm- 7pm . I got my Doctor out and he prescribed oxynorm, liquid form.

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Are you on oxygen as if you had oxgen turned up that can cause problems.

To much or to less can cause hypoxia 


I am not on oxygen at the moment , they are considering putting me on it and adding that to the Nippy. My stats are reading below 90 and that's using the overnight oximetre and the bad boy wrist blood sample.


Hope things inprove settle down for ya .. The ever tried you on .. I no smokers bodies are use to high co2 levals and that drives ya breathing.

Is all complex business really 

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I had heard that to jeffajaxsmith  when being a smoker I was given oxygen few years back I found the oxygen in fact made  me worse it was so  dry I was having an excabation of my COPD i

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Hi is easy done exacbation's defo not nice had few them with coughing fitts i had.

Oxygen last time i tried that was like trying to breath threw a brick.

Defo a experiance.


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