I was diagnosed with copd over two years ago does anyone have headaches first thing in morning once you wake after an hr and inhalers it

I get so breathless walking the smallest of distance, and climbing the stairs at night started making terrible noise and snore I never have before, been told I may need a C Pat machine , anyone else suffer headaches that go after an hr and taken inhalers

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  • I haven't sorry I can't help but am sure someone will give you the information you need, I wish you well tho! X

  • Hi, the machine is a CPAP and honestly its the last thing you want!

    Usual symptoms for CPAP users are: serious snorers, overweight (significantly), large neck size, often reported as "shopping breathing" while asleep, wake in morning with massive headache that goes in an hour or so, often very dry mouth when awaking

    If you fit most/all the above then try circlecity.co.uk/sleepdesk/epworth_sleep_test.php or any other online Epworth test. The test advises you if you MAY HAVE sleep apnoea, need a sleep study etc to confirm. All this is organised by your GP.

    Using a CPAP is for life and not a bundle of fin but, if you do have it then the machine allows you to return to the real world from the halflife of sleep apnoea!

  • Thanks for that link y_not - I got an average sleepiness score even though I do sometimes  wake with a dry mouth and headache in the morning.  Reassuring.

  • I've known people who have really benefitedfrom the use of a CPAP. While they can be difficult to get used to once you do and they are used appropriately the benefits far out way the the discomfort of having to have one.

  • Hi Elliem , I often get a headache that wakes me up in the middle of the night or in the morning, and it usually goes when I get up.

    It can be a symptom of Carbon dioxide retention I think...I guess that's why they think you may need the machine. But I get a lot of sinus infections and maybe that's why I get headaches when I lie down.

    I sympathise as the headaches are horrible and paracetamol does nothing to help.

    Best of luck and I hope the treatment helps

  • I used to snore terribly - I am overweight and I've got a thick neck. The headaches are caused by 1) Retention of CO2 especially if you have COPD and 2) A lack of O2 and this is mainly caused due to sleep apnoea which means you may stop breathing between 15 - 80 Times per hour for between 15 - 50 seconds. When you stop for a long period you will wake up with a jerk when you inhale strongly when your brain wakes you up due to the lack of oxygen. Now that was the bad news - The good news is I got a CPAP (GET THE ONE THAT BLOWS THE AIR OVER WATER OR ELSE YOU WILL WAKIE UP WITH DRY THROAT AND BURNING NOSE)

    1) Because I use the Nose mask I don't snore anymore and one sleep with your mouth closed

    2) I used to wake up 5 or 6 times a night - I sleep right through now with no headaches when I wake up.

    3) No CO2 retention as the force of the air circulated though your lungs and push the CO2 out of your lungs

    4) I wake up feeling to run a marathon

    5) Lastly - I've got no scientific prove for what I'm saying now but I think the ageing of your lungs will be at a slower pace with the CPAP. Why do I say this - I think the CO2 and lack of oxygen  damage your organs and your lungs are organs. Both my mum and dad never smoked and as far as I know did not have COPD. My dad never snored and never had any O2 problems till he passed away of Melanoma age 84. My mum snored all the time and so bad that she later in life had to sit in a chair when she slept. She needed oxygen the last 4 years of her life and had heart failure since age 70, I suspect due to a lack of oxygen at night times.

    If they tell you to use a CPAP - embrace it. You will get used to it within 3 days and believe me it will change your life. You look like somebody going to a chemical war at night time but who cares. Luckily this dont scare my wife as she is in the medical field as well and says the CPAP change her patients life - Just a pity I only found out when I was diagnosed with COPD and went for sleep test at age 57 

  • My husband suffers with severe COPD and is also very breathless.  Firstly I would suggest a call to the BLF helpline to ask their advise about medication - 03000 030 555

    Speak to one of our team over the phone.

    There are a couple of things that come to mind - are you on the right inhalers?  Do you have an infection hanging around that hasn't cleared up?  Have you had a recent spirometry test?  There is a marvellous course - pulmonary rehab which you need to be referred to your doctor which will help you stay as mobile as possible and give you lots of information.

    My husband has started to snore horribly - but is OK if he sleeps on his side.  Seem to spend much of the night pushing him over!  He does get headaches and did have them for a long time but since he was prescribed oxygen for ambulatory he doesn't seem to get them.  I know others have mentioned CO2 retention - dont rule it out.  Good luck xxx

  • I was tested for C Pap as I get awful headaches in the morning and sometimes I wake with them, but they did not find anything?  I have suffered headaches and get groups of migraine attacks now  and had them for most of my adult life. 

    Mine have been known to last for days!  But some I can link to my back/neck pain.  I hope they sort them out soon.

    Be Well

  • Yes i woke every day with a chronic headache which was caused by me retaining c02 and was given a cpap machine which solved the problem....Definitely mention this to your respiratory team 

  • Sounds like you may need a sleep study to determine if you are having periods of breathing cessation during sleep. That will determine if you need continuous positive airflow pressure (CPAP) while sleeping.  They may also want to see if you are in need of oxygen now as well. They would need to do a test where they draw arterial blood to check the oxygenation level and venous blood for carbon dioxide level. Most people who need a CPAP it's because the soft palate falls closing the air way this is why CPAP works in those situations.  One does not necessarily have to be over weight, or have a large neck. My father had neither however he did have sleep apnea, and yes he did snore quite loud. Best of luck....

  • hi elliem  I am on a ventilator called a NIPPY3+ , I HAVE BEEN using it for the past 14 months , it has stopped headaches , swollen ankles  , foggy head , I used to take 2/3 chest infections a year I have not had an infection since I started using my Nippy fingers crossed.

  • forgot to say I have co2 retention and c.o.p.d

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