Sp02 has been staying around 91-92 and I'm just sitting. When is a OXY. Machine needed? Been a couple months since I seen my Dr. I feel very

Sp02 has been staying around 91-92 and I'm just sitting. When is a OXY. Machine needed? Been a couple months since I seen my Dr.. I feel very drained 24/7 and breathing becoming hard or heavy not sure how to explain it. I had Top Right Lung Lobe removed 18 months ago.

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  • What happens when you move around?

    I think whatever if you are struggling you should make an appointment to see your doctor.

  • There have been a couple of posts like this lately, a question asked and then the member leaves the site before any replies are given. Makes me wonder why?

  • Yes Toci, I wondered why a couple of posts had 'hidden' on them.

    Wonder why anyone would bother registering, posting then disappearing! Doesn't make sense.

  • No sense at all.

  • maybe they don't know how to use a "chat site" properly and delete their account accidently?

  • That would be extremely difficult given the steps that need to be taken!

  • ok haven't tried to delete my account so maybe cannot be done accidently.

  • You need to go into your account page, scroll right down to the bottom and click on a button that says "I want to delete my account". That is why I say it would be extremely difficult to do it accidentally. :)

  • May be no reason. The person just changed hi/ her mind about being a member

  • yes good point. I suspect that if the person leaves BLF community after posting but stays in other HU communities, here in BLF community we see the person as HIDDEN?

  • Hi jenns, I don't know how that works as I have only ever used this community. It just seemed strange that they were gone as soon as this was posted - before any replies.

  • I agree strange and I have seen it before also: other option could be a shy/very private member who creates a second username to ask something they don't want known is of interest to them and then they delete the account as we are only supposed to have one account? They may well be interested and reading the responses from their "main" user account. I guess we will never know why/what is going on with these posts... Take carexx

  • As I have said several times on here, I am on Oxygen 24/7, not easy trying to live a reasonable life, although the alternative is grim !! You can have too much Oxygen as well as too little, it's pretty scientific really. I tried to get it for ages before I was finally put on it, I thought it was straight forward until I read up on it, it's not. Obviously every person is different and you should see your GP, maybe ask for an appointment with a respiratory specialist. The recommended Oxy/blood for me is 88 - 92 but at times whilst doing jobs it can drop very low, like 59 when my Oxy tank ran out when I was in the garden !!! Not wise !!! I am lucky that with sitting down with Oxygen on and totally relaxing it soon rises, thankfully. See your GP soon and let us know how you get on. Best wishes, Tatters.

  • Why not see your doctor/consultant? They need to do tests before prescribing O2. I was told it's not indicated for sats of 92 or over.

    Good luck.


  • If this person is not exercising this would happen.After reduction surgery it is even more important to exercise.I am forcing myself to believe this lol.Mine won,t be long now.Good luck if you,re still about.D.

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