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I am having a rant.I went to a trial for copd I was not suitable but the consultant said not to be down as there was plenty other things that could be done that was back in November. The consultant asked of I would like to go to his clinic I said yes. I emailed in January I am still waiting for an appointment. How long have you to wait for an appointment?

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Send them another email and ask them if they got your frist email. ..could be they got enough people and they cant be bovered to reply...or i dont why!!!

Hope you get an answer soon.



I did get a reply in January telling me that they would get his secretary to chase my appointment.

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Frustrating isn't it? I'd phone his secretary and keep doing so at regular intervals. If there are plenty of other things that could be done it would be nice for you to be able to get on and do them!!

Good luck,

Sue x

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Politely remind them we all forget at times and does no harm to gently give a nudge now and then x


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