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Last year I had a lot of trouble breathing especially in cold weather. I went to the emergency room twice. This year I have not experienced SOB but once and then it was mild and didn't last long. I haven't been doing anything different - in fact I often forget to use my inhaler. Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with emphysema and activity activated asthma. My symptoms steadily got worse - until this year. I can't explain why I am so much improved - it seems unreal. I did lose weight, about 30 lbs - but never was heavy - now I weigh 120 lbs, less than I did in college. Has anyone else experienced improvement like mine?

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Hi Bettz that is brilliant. If you find out why can you let us know please? I have never heard of this before. x


Hi Bettz, it's clear you are pleasantly surprised and bewildered, by your good fortune.

I have not yet experienced severe shortness of breath, so I have nothing to report but, I'd just like to thank you for sharing your copd experiences with us because positive news like this, fill me with hope and is literally, music to my ears.

Long may your good health continue xx


Thank you for your good wishes! May you never experience severe SOB because it is miserable and frightening. May you continue to do well.

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You're in the UK? Mildest winter in 100+ years?


Yes it is mild in Illinois too.


Well done on the improvement. Might well be down to the weight loss? But enjoy the new you.

be well

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So happy for you!!



Where in Illinois? I live in Northern Indiana, and I also have had a good winter season with my lung issues.

It might be due to the mild winter that we are having. I still keep using my nebulizer and take my meds and do what I can to keep my lungs clear.



Yes I have thought of the mild winter being kind to us! However on cold days when I was out burning papers and working in the yard with my dogs, I had no trouble and I really wondered about that.

I live near Greenup IL, abut 60 mi south of Champaign - we have had very little snow this winter (so far) which is good for me as I hate to shovel it out of my dog runs. Greenup is on I-70, halfway between Indy and St Louis. I moved here from TX to be near my daughter and her husband.


I live in Elkhart County (the RV capital of the world), a very industrial area, for 16 years. I have always wondered about the air pollution.

We will be moving to Des Moines, Iowa in a month to be closer to our daughters and their families. One lives in the Des Moines area and the other in Minneapolis. I'm hoping the air quality will be better in Iowa.

Stay healthy, Beth


I smoked but never was a heavy smoker - maybe a pack a week. I was an art teacher and had a kiln in the art room - think the fumes from that were quite harmful to my lungs. I finally got the principal to enclose it in a small room and vent it. I also raise dogs and think the dust from the kennel for 50 years could have a bearing on my lungs also - so I have three possible sources of cause of COPD.

I hope your move will be beneficial to your health!


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