Hi all,

I am new to this site just had a spirometer test, come back that I have copd , I have also had chest X-ray waiting on results. What will happen next and what can I do to help myself from this feeling of shortness of breath, just a small task as got me breathing like I just run a mile.

Yes I was told to stop smoking which I am dealing with that but surly they must be more I can do ?

I have read so much on the internet its all got confusing they say excise what do they mean join a gym ? LOL I know if I walk 100 yards I have to stop even if I am having conversation with someone I can feel myself taking in deeper breaths to help me to carry on the conversation .

So at the first stages of learning to live with COPD

be nice to chat to others who are going through the same

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Hi gez57 - welcome to our friendly site. It is the source of lots of support and information for people with respiratory difficulties. Well done for dealing with the smoking issue, that is a great start.

When your chest X-ray results come through your GP should be in a better position to consider how best to help you. This could include referral to a respiratory consultant, to respiratory physiotherapy and prescribe inhalers for your breathlessness. Eating well, exercising, keeping away from triggers and avoiding people with colds and coughs can all help to keep you well. In addition, the British Lung Foundation has lots of information that you can trust - see the red balloon at the top of the page and click to access their excellent website for more information and the telephone number for their specialist nurses.

Please let us know how you get on.

Hi gez57

Welcome... Great advice from pentreath.


Warmest of welcomes to you! I haven't been on here a week and honestly everyone so friendly, informative, reassuring,am glad your dealing with smoking which I know takes some doing, excercise and diet do help, pulmonary rehab course your doctor can refer you, honestly anything your wanting to know just ask cos everyone here either knows answers or can point you in right direction. I had COPD emphysema chronic bronchitis asthma diagnosed three years and just found there is a breatheasy meeting near me so can't wait to go meet new friends and fellow sufferers, x

hi welcome to the site ,

Hi and welcome ... as to excersise anything you can do no matter how little will help build up a tolerance so you can still do what needs to be done ... and it helps with lung clearance

Clear lungs make it harder for infections to take hold ALSO can help cut down on breathing anxiety when out.

Hi thanks for the info and although sad we all got the same condition its good to chat to people who know what its like and going through the same

Hi gez57,

How's the stopping smoking going? Frustratingly that is the number one thing to deal with. After that everything else is pretty easy, attend Pulmonary Rehabilitation (arranged by your GP usually) to find out everything you always wanted to know but didn't know who to ask - they cover everything from education to fitness (and lots more).

Once you're through that bit it's just about getting your head around it and learning to live with it.

It's all about subtle little changes to the way we live to make damn sure that we control the disease not the other way round!

I'm still quite a newbie (only been diagnosed for 4 years) but still enjoying life!

Have a great day!

Hi thanks for your message yes the smoking is / was the hard bit LOL

yes its early days for me and thinking all sorts just hoping my chest x-ray comes back clear.

I did 40 a day for 40 years so I get where you're coming from but oddly I just woke up one morning and thought "I've had enough" - not had one since!

Just lucky, I feel for those who struggle with it but if you can do it you'll be extending your [enjoyable] life by many, many years.

good luck and may your fight be an easy one.


Hi gez57 I only found out last Friday so know how confusing it is at this stage, I became Google mad trying to read about what it means, but this site has been the one I stuck with everything is here and so much support and advice available , my lung xray came back today as satisfactory but my lung capacity is very low.

I haven't joined a gym but always have walked I still am walking every day to work though it feels like I am running everything I do feels like I am doing it whilst running.

Everyone here and my GP say keep being active, exercise so important but I do want to be guided by a professional to start with to know what my limits are, stay positive and check out the info on here xx

Hi thanks yes I am waiting on my chest x-ray so hope it all comes back clear I am not to sure about the fitness as I only found out last month I need a full replacement knee when it rains it rains but I am sure I will find a way round it all we always do

Oh no, I got sent some great posts on lung exercises from a chair these might help 😀

I'm a newbie too, only found out a couple of weeks ago, similar kind of thing. Rubbish at walking very far etc. Everyday I have been going for a little walk (since copd was suspected) and managed a mile during my lunch break today including the hated bridge outside my office (not that I'm proud of that or anything :) ) So everyday do a little more, even if it's only a few steps more and it really does help. Having said that, you may need to get your inhaler first. Good luck and you found a great place to be, for support and info. xx

Welcome to the site, they're such lovely people on here.

Hiya I'm new to this site.. I'm waking up coughing and clearing my throat.. Then i get this cracking noise for ages.. I've recorded it on my phone so the doctor can hear it tomorrow as I've an appointment. All the best.

Hi Belinda thanks for your message no wont take it as a death sentence LOL I am going to spend the next few months just looking after myself its long time coming lol

so weight need to lose about 2stone they say its good and helps .

But first thing is wait to see what medication I get put on and what stage I have got of COPD and then it all the way to the top ....

All the best


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