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Sunshine And A Naughty Cat...

Another day of sunshine...it's awful cold mind you, but the sun is lovely to see. Shining through the windows, showing up every dust bunny and the smears on the glass from the cats snotty noses...

Molly bit the bud off one of the narcissus I have in a pot on the table...when I scolded her, she keeled over onto her back and waved her legs in the air...I swear she was laughing.

Himself didn't move the other chest today...he took several bags of stuff to the charity shop though and vacuumed the sitting room floor...he's going to change the bedroom round tomorrow...wonder what will be found in the boxes under the bed...more charity shop stuff I expect.

Wish Brian would come and do the kitchen roof...

Malachi came with more oxygen...I asked him about the water which keeps coming down the tubing from my main oxygen machine...drives me potty...he said there's no solution...just have to suffer in silence I suppose. It actually gurgles sometimes...drips everywhere as well.

Didn't do any sewing today...coloured in some more of the picture I've started...it's sort of fantasy cats and flowers with a saying at the top that I liked...

'If I only have nine lives, let me spend them all with you'

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I love the sunshine, smears and all but we had a dull grey day with a lot of rain. I don't know if this is of any use to you re the 'rainout' you are experiencing?


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Hello Toci...these links are totally brilliant...thank you very much indeed!

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And I thought my Ozzie was the only cat to spend his life sneezing on the windows! Watches every passing vehicle and pedestrian, leaving the window sill only to attack my dogs because, for reasons known only to him, they clearly deserve it!

Wouldn't be so bad if it was just the Yorkie ... but he does the same to a full grown male Border Collie as well! Daft thing is the dogs both let him get away with it!

Sorry I can't make your O2 better but at least we can share stories about our daft pets!

Enjoy the remains of the day


Hi y_not...Molly actually slaps our Border Collie across his face...he just blinks and looks surprised!

Love Yorkies...I had one called Baldrick

I need to clean Tessas mess off the windows. She gets everywhere.

Enjoy the colouring and keep warm. Your colouring sounds less complicated than mine.

Take care vashti. Xxx

Hi Sassy...it's not just our cats then...lol...

I'm finding the colouring very soothing...couldn't do complicated...it'd make my eyes go funny!

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No sun here today Vashti, horrible and wet :-( janx

Hi grannyjan...shouldn't have boasted yesterday...today was grim!

oh and it's been lovely here :-) very sunny and after scraping windscreen this morning it actually reached 12 degrees at one point. janx

Wet.wet, wet all day here, still raining & likely to continue until the early hours of the morning. OLLIE dog hates getting wet; a real problem to get him out on a wet day. He isn't that big a dog but he must have huge water tanks! I am not around so much at the moment; just a quick read & of. I have virus problems; not me the computer. I think I have it sorted but I am scared of being on Internet long; cos I get these threatening pop ups..screen freezes , siren starts, emergency ring this number for technical help _ NOT. It is a scam. Ollie head butted me in the mouth this morning; it is sore; he gets very enthusiastic when he plays ..

It better not rain 2morrow we are on a trip to see snowdrops & the Vulcanised + a meal out. Ollie goes to his.sitter _ she adores him. Love Margaret x

Hi Scorpiolass...is it Robin Hood Airport you are off to.....weather forecast is good for today. The Vulcan is very popular.

Enjoy the snowdrops too.

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Yes it is used to be RAF Finningley . We have had a super sunny day. Hurrah x

Hello Margaret...hope the weather was kind to you today for your outing...Ollie has a sitter...he's spoilt!

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The weather was most generously sunny. Ollie spoilt? Maybe just a little & he licks the patio doors and squashes bugs on them. X

Molly's a minx🐱, I'd love to tickle her tum! I miss my cat Thomas O'Malley a long time ago he got hit by a car and then there was Sid, he lived a very long and happy life and was enormous.

I've yet to make it up into the attic to find my boxes but I must do it soon.It would be freezing up there so I keep putting it off!

You have been colouring and I have been painting and I've done a pencil portrait of my friends teenagers and a pastel pencil portrait of my Grandaughter and a couple of her friends.😃

Good night Vashti, sleep good, huff xxx

Hello Huffer...your painting and pencil drawings sound lovely...as do Thomas O'Malley and Sid...

What's the betting you'll make it into the attic and I won't find a single thing!

love Vashti

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I saw a sticker on a car window saying dog Art, Maybe you could put up sign saying cat Art where the nose marks are?


Could do!

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