New singing group

New singing group based in Wigan at sunshine house Scholes 11 o'clock every Tuesday. £2 donation per person per visit.

Everybody welcome including carer's.

Professional coaching by Mel of jolly weezers fame .

Please support us and help you and your carers feel good and improve your lung health at the same time.

Wigan warblers need you as much as you need them 😊

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  • Good luck with your new group. Hope you get lots of regular attenders.

  • Is this a group for people with respitory problems? Or just anybody?

  • I asked at my pulmonary rehabilitation course about singing therapy only time I feel normal xx am severe emphysema mid fifties.

    Wanted to strengthen lungs build up my confidence get rid of the anxiety tablets.

    Also wanted something friends and carers I could join in with.

    So it's for people touched by lung disease and their families as well.

    We would love to incorporate it with a breathe easy group and spread the word about lung disease and it's effect on everybody

    So come and meet us if you can/want.

    We all need to stick together and beat these problems in one former or another

    Wigan warblers are on Facebook too

  • Hi

    There is a breathe easy group that meets in Leigh and I think there is one about to open nearer to Wigan. If you call the BLF Direct team on 03000 030 555 and ask to speak to Marie in the Group Support Team she can give you more details and try and link you up.

    Whereabouts do you your singing?


  • Yes mark I know about the group in leigh but not easy to get to for me. I also understand that there is a informal breathe easy group at the brocket arms in Wigan.

    My daughter and I met you at the Haydock day and we spoke about embracing younger sufferers. My daughter registered to volunteer and other options.

    We both went and met with Jeremy and Katie at the relocated briers hall day. She has been in contact with Katie since.

    I also believe you have all been involved with Karen the respiratory nurse with the Bridgewater NHS who I had approached initially.

    Hence we have Mel who works with the jolly wheezes as our choir mistress.

    We are based at sunshine house Scholes wigan. A community hub with has a number of wellbeing courses which could enrich those of us with long term conditions.

  • There is a COPD and OSA group who meet at the Bel Air Hotel on Wigan Lane - is this the group you are thinking about?

  • Yes that was the one mentioned to me by Katie.

  • I would love to come but I live in Luton so no chance 😠

  • have you checked if any if your area? I am training another 32 singing leaders for the BLF so we are spreading as fast as we can ...... funding always an issue but working on that too

  • Hahaha welcome to come and visit anytime

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  • The Jolly Wheezers were formed from the breathe easy group I attend and with Mels help have gone from strength to strength and members really enjoy being part of it and get so much from it. Good luck to Wigan members.

  • Thank you for your good wishes. Mel is amazing.

    Just hope we can spread the word and keep this going both interest wise attendance wise and funding after our initial 3 month period which we have funding for.

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  • So is this Mel of Jolly Wheezers in Oldham from about 10 years ago that taught children with asthma to play brass instruments? It was this that inspired the very first Singing for Breathing group in the UK (alongside Uditta's Brighton group) at the Royal Brompton in London - now there are over 60 groups in the UK! Amazing

  • I've been promoting the idea of ukwide groups for singing for health reasons on twitter. I only started a week ago and have 384 following over 350 people who are serious about the consept. Includes some top people within the NHS and some reasonably influencal people so never say never. If I hadn't been so poorly the last two weeks could have done more.

    But am beginning to feel quite hopeful of getting a proper network in place long term.

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