i can blow 550 plus on the thing u blow in to to when you have ashma don't know wot its called is that good never smoked in my life diagnosed mild copd 4 years ago with no change on spirometry the doctor told me 4 years ago i don't have ashma but copd then last year told me i still have ashma do doctors know wot their talking about i am male 60 years old always kept fit in my life karate weights etc

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A peak flow meter I would say that was a good reading I can only blow 130 take care

I am lucky if I get 100!!

If you put your gender, age and height in at this link it gives you an indication of what your peak flow reading should be.

Hi Hanne I just did that test I scored 375 and I am blowing 130 at the moment is that bad I am not good at these things

Hi Amanda. 375 is what a woman of your age & height with NO lung illness might score. It depends what's "normal" for you. Also, peak flow is a more useful measurement in asthma than copd or bronch, where it doesn't tell the full story. I think the usual advice is that if you go below 75% of your normal PF you should seek help

Thank you Hanne xx

That's a good link if you know your height in cm's. I only know feet and inches. What would 5 foot 7 inches come to please? x

Hi think it is 170.18 cm

Hi guytane, peak flow reading depend on the persons age, sex and height....we are all different.

I have Asthma/ GP said it was a grey area to diagnose. Have you had a reversibility test when a Spirometry reading is taken before and then after Ventolin?

Was it breathlessness that sent you to your GP ?

If you are in the UK, the BLF have a helpline open during office hours 03000 030 555, they can offer advice.

Take care

I never realy had any sympthons till I went for spirometry then week later doc said I had copd mild and it was border line then I went on line to c wot copd was an that's when I went downhill got it in my mind I was guna die with in 5 years after readin on line about copd but I pulled through got positive and went back gym i did have tightnes in my chest after was told about copd but your mind can play triks with u body they put me on a purple inhaler been on them four years and they dident realy clear my chest but the last month been on 2 new inhalers which are fantastic don't realy get tite ness now in my lungs but i am anymic b for i went for spirometry 4 years ago i developed animea and that made me breathles and could hardly do anything like work i am tree surgeon but went on irion tabs and that cured tiredness and breathlessness i am a man 5ft 7 12 stone and 60 age

If you don't mind me asking what are the names of the two new inhalers you got?

one is fostair pink colerd take once of a night other one is sirdupla cream colerd one take in morning

Thank you

Hi 552 is normal for a 60 year old male 66" tall.. check here:

Check you're using the same meter as in the example, US may use different from UK/Europe.

its a small portable one i thought it was a childs one as it was a lot smaller than previous one i had but nurse said its an adult one

Read the link, the info is there.

That sounds very good to me. The most I can do is 350 on a good day. x

Wow all yours are fantastic I managed 81 at my pip assessment in October . Female 55 and 5ft 1tall.

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