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Great news for MS sufferers on the news today - stem cell therapy helping them greatly. Does anyone know if there is any stem cell research being done for lung problems? I will message Mark Pilling separately about this (not sure if he/anyone else reads our posts?). Stem cells definitely seems the way forward for a lot of diseases etc. Any ideas anyone?

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It is good news for MS sufferers the result are promising.

As for lung treatment we are a long way off, the lungs and the many conditions are complex. But it as not stopped some clinics making claims which are not tried and tested, much to the cost of the patients.

Interesting but long.

Thanks for that Stone - didn't understand a lot of it, and some of it was quite depressing, but at least they haven't given up on us yet - where there's a will there's a way!!


It as just been on Panorama BBC 1 just watching tail end, fascinating.

I saw bits of it too (don't ask!) - what I did see was exactly that - fascinating. For the people who have undergone the therapy, it's like a miracle cure.

As someone who suffers from an autoimmune disease it did make me wonder if it could help those who have chronic sarcoidosis. To reset the immune system in a similar way. Fabulous results for a number of people who suffer from that cruel MS.

I live in the states and have bronchiectasis. At the end of December, I went to the Lung Institute for stem cell treatment for my lungs.

They remove some of my blood and bone marrow (more aggressive) and remove the stem cells and reintroduce the stem cells back into my system. The stem cells then migrate to the scaring in my lungs and start to repair the damaged issue. It will take about 3-4 months for me to notice a difference. I also am taking a med that will incourage the cells to do their job. It will not correct the weakening of the airway walls which is a sign of bronchiectasis.

Since this is a fairly new procedure, it is not covered under any insurance, so it is all out of pocket ($12,000). So I had to think long and hard before proceeding. Will it be a waste of money? I'm hoping not. But I feel I needed to take the chance.

The Lung Institute has 4 clinics in the states and will be opening 2 more this year. I have heard a lot of good feedback about the Lung Institute.

Hope this helps with answering question, Beth

Wow - that is impressive - and gives hope to the rest of us that they can soon introduce the same treatment here.

Thank you so much Beth, and I hope the treatment will make a difference and improve your quality of life.

Will you please update us after the 3-4 month deadline they have given for a difference to be seen.

Thanks again

All best wishes

I will keep you all posted on how I do.

There are people that will say it a waste of money, but when you look at all the advancements the medical field has done over the past years, anything can be possible.

Thanks, Beth

Absolutely - thanks again Beth

Good morning,

I emailed the Stem Cell Foundation a week ago but due to increased enquiries to them regarding the news about stem cells and MS, they didn't get back to me. I called them today and was signposted to

This site lists trials globally so make sure you enter UK into the search box after your lung condition. Unless of course you are prepared to go to Ho Chi Minh City for treatment!

I haven't spent a great length of time searching prior to posting this, so I hope there is something out there of interest to some of you at least.

Best regards,


Ho Chi Minh City not on my immediate travel plans, but thanks so much for your research and for the link.

Kind regards

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