Need help

Need help

Hi guys

I guess my reason for posting this late is ur reaction. U will see from my profile I have COPD and other medical conditions.

After my heart surgery I managed to quit the coughing sticks but after 3 months sadly I started to smoke again.

I think my reason for this is I spend my days and nights alone. I guess I'm lonely cos my breathing is bad I don't get the chance to go out apart from hospital appointment. This has restricted my movements so I'm in a visous circle at the moment

This is the reason I smoke and I know it's making my life shorter.

Any tips to quit would be greatly appreciated

Maggie x

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  • I used patches and a nicotine inhaler to stop 9 years ago and never smoked another one. I was like you in a vicious circle, smoking 40 a day and then just thought after a hospital admission that I would rather live than smoke. Give it a try, you're not alone. Good luck.

  • Thanks granny bell xx

  • You're welcome. I really believe that if I could give up then you can. I am 59 with stage 4 COPD and if I hadn't given up I would definitely be dead by now. My life is not a picnic but it's still worth living. You could also ask your GP about getting on a pulmonary rehabilitation course (usually run at your local hospital) and they encourage you to get a bit fitter and give great advice about managing your condition. Go on, it's a new year, make it a new start.

  • Hi

    smoking is very very hard to give up, but if you want a better quality of life you need to.

    My diagnoses was a wake up call, I had two options, keep smoking and my bulbous emphysema would get worse and my quality of life would be limited or give up smoking.

    I went to the doctors and got patches, gum, studied up on smoking and boullous emphysema, re searched health and fitness breathing exercises and had a goal, live with it and not die from it.

    5years this march I gave up smoking and changed my life around for the better, it wasn't easy but I got there, I feel better now than I ever have.

    If I can do it so can anyone, positive metal attitude and a desire to live a better life without smoking.

    The single most important thing you can for you and your body is to give up smoking.

    There is a Varity of self help products and groups to support you in giving up smoking, ask your doctor, this will also help you get out the house and help you meet new people which in retun will open the doors to possibly new friendships.

    Speak to your doctor about breathing groups also call the BLF and speak to a nurse, its a new year so make it a new you.


  • Thanks David I will and ask advice on quitting.

    Greatly appreciate ur input.

    Maggie x

  • No worries, hopefully you will get help from your GP, remember your local pharmacist is there to help also, nothing to lose but so much to gain in shopping smoking.

    Ask the good people on here for help support and advice, were all here for each other.


  • You will feel so much better, mentally and physically, if you stop smoking Maggie. You've done it once and you can do it again. I used the ecig but it was a last resort because I had become to allergic to the patches I did it with before.

    There is also that Champix, which many have stopped easily with. I know it's not easy but, you must get the mind set you need to pack it in and that can only come from yourself.

    We're here to support you, if you have any wobbly moments, once you get started. Think of it as a step towards a new you. xx

  • Thanks casper I'm going to take all ur kind advice.and act on. It xx 😘

  • Hi there is a quit smoking site on here. Go into 'My Communities' at the tope of the page under the green big, then click into 'Other Communities'. Type 'Quit' in the search box and it will come up. It is a very good and supportive site. Good luck with it. x

  • Thanks x

  • Hi Maggie, there is a Quit Support forum on Health Unlocked - you will find it if you Browse communities.

    You will get a lot of support on there. Good luck



  • Thanks kas x

  • Great minds think alike Kas :) x

  • HI, Maggie. Check on the BLF website to see if there are any Breathe Easy groups or Singing groups near you that you could go to. You would be able to meet with other people with lung conditions who would understand your issues, and have a bit of fun as well as learning tips on how to cope.

  • Hi Maggie, I gave up over ten years ago and tried all sorts it took more than one attempt but I finally got there with patches on the NHS course. So keep trying it is not easy but I am sure you will get there given time. Just think of all the money you can save to treat yourself. I live alone too I have been a widow for nearly twelve years and had COPD for six years. Hope to see you again soon. Take care and try to keep well.

  • Hi Maggie & welcome to our community there's so much help & support on here. You can do it, believe in yourself & keep experimenting untill you find the best way for you. It took me years It will be 6 years this July since I stopped. I tried everything known to man but in the end it was just will powers & lots of support & encouragement.

  • To get out of the vicious circle you need to stop smoking, ergo if you stop your breathing will improve and you will be able to get out and about more, i know I know easier said than done, I quit by first using an E cig (though on reflection I probably wouldn't use one again, very addictive) then I used Boots Nicotine lozenges reducing the strength and amount .I dread to think how I would be now if I hadn't given up.Very best of luck to you

  • There is help out there Maggie and the NHS run a quit smoking service. Perhaps they could help you to quit for good. Have you tried pulmonary rehab? Your doctor could refer you for that too.

    I hope you can get out more and meet people.

    Take care. Xxx

  • Lots of good advice given.

    Please join Quit support its a fantastic site.

    I am a voluntary administrator and cant fault all the support on the site.

    I was a smoker for over 40years, Quit support helped me through the quit.

    The last 3 years I have had lung cancer, had the operation to remove it.

    1 heart attack , quick recovery.

    2nd cancer adrenal gland. had operation to remove that.

    Now I am cancer free

    Quit support helped me through it all.

    So Maggie you may feel alone, but if you join the site you will soon have lots of friends.

    New Year, New You. xx

  • In the Blue corner we have Nick O'Tine, dirty fighter and reigning champion.

    In the Red corner we have maggie1961, up and coming newcomer and ready to put up the fight of her life!

    Go for it Maggie - come out fighting and no excuses!

  • Hi maggie1961 straight to the point short and sweet don't be so bloody stupid

  • yes just stop it is simple if you have had heart surgery and you still have not stopped then you never will . ( i used to smoke 40 - 60 every day i stopped i said to myself that something had had to change that was ten years ago so it is possible ) and i am 71 years young but i do not let copd change the way i lead my life niether should you just quit with the fags .

  • Hello maggie1961, your gp should be keen to help you stop the ciggies,,will they help in the light of your medical conditions??? the nhs are pushing gp lead support when quitting,,,,the usual things are out there,,,but cost a fair amount,,and would they be suitable for you with your health conditions???

    What about chewing fruit pieces and carrot sticks to give your hands something to do and the fruit and veg,,,would give you something to do with your mouth,,,what about sitting near the door where you can get some fresh air???,,,please try and be successful in your giving up,,,ttfn from Karen.

  • Thanks Karen

    I'm a bit under the weather with toothache but I will contact my GP and enquire x

  • Hello Maggie, nice to meet you. You can stop, you know you can, you have done it once so you can do it again.

    I smoked for 53 years and thought I would never stop, but I managed it, it was not easy, won't pretend it was but I did it. I tried so many times with so many different nicotine replacement products, non of them worked, but eventually I found the lozenges, which, I have to say taste dreadful, but you soon get used to the taste. I could not stop all at once I had to cut it down gradually with the help of the lozenges, it took me 4 months to stop completely, but stop I did, much to my amazement. I also live on my own and am not able to get about much due to having COPD, I was alone when I stopped and I have no desire to smoke again.

    I know you can do this Maggie, but don't do it without the help of a nicotine replacement product, I am convinced that that is the answer, you need to cut the nicotine down slowly to prevent the withdrawal symptoms.

    Give it another go Maggie, this time you will succeed, why do I say that, because you have come on here and asked for help and advice, so come on girl, give it another go and let us know how you get on, Take care xx

  • Hi Maggie, me again.

    One other thing I did was buy myself a laptop which I could not afford, and I used the money I saved pay for it, I also had a holiday in Spain, a new fridge, a pair of expensive shoes which I would never have bought and lots of other things, it was an incentive because I had to put the money back, that really helped me. TTFN xx

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