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Saw the new Pulm. He thinks Asthma predominate with obstruction. Thinks my problem more bronchospasm related. We talked different phenotypes. He kept mentioning triggers and my intermittent symptoms, ha, but they are all the time. Well what can you do, just not something that can really be measured, dyspnea, very subjective. Certainly does not bear out in the tests. Does not like my inhaler holidays. He also mentioned Xolair as something to maybe consider. Had my echo and stress echo. I went 16 minutes, eventually to a 20% grade at 6mph and then could not go on. Hit 93% of my max heart rate. The Cardiologist said no need to come back. Yes I am mild, and may sound like I do just fine. But I came from a place which is far above where I am now. So I suffer, much like all of you, just in my own mild way I guess. I rue the day I ever picked up a cig, but at least I quit, and not further destroying my lungs, more than I already have.

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  • Morning Patrick

    Tricky one. I do absolutely emphasise about the dyspnoea. It is subjective. BUT in my case (if OB) then the symptoms are much worse than seem to be justified by the PFT and Spirometry results which is what happens in OB. There are plenty on this site whose numbers are much lower than mlne but whose symptoms are not as bad. Tricky one again. How are your plans for coming over here?

    All the best

    Kate x

  • Yes, tricky I agree. The tests never reveal the whole truth. We all react to dyspnea, or relate to it differently. Not sure I buy into that I have this asthma component. I think because I mentioned I had allergies and used to use Albuterol rarely, that now i have worse Asthma that has become more COPDish. In the end, I have what I have, already taking more meds than I in theory should be on. How it goes, so whether Asthma with COPD or not, its all the same to me. I always leave with more questions than answers it seems. I applied but they closed the openings and may reopen. So we will see. Hope you are getting along well.

  • Wow 16 minutes and up to a 20% grade is pretty impressive at 6 mph.

  • It started out at a lesser grade and speed. I did not hold that long. partly because the room was small, and warm. She also wanted me to keep my arms on the rails. But I was getting SOB too, for sure. But yes, at least I know my heart can take it. Supposed to do some pulmonary stress testing next. We will see........

  • Hi Patrick, I am just diagnosed as mild and like you have been very active all my life. My spirometry tests were ok, fvc1 98%, fvc1/fvc 70%. asthma contributing too. The mild emphysema was diagnosed by ct scan. I stopped smoking few years ago and have not had many symptoms until last few weeks, have felt awful after a short flu type of illness. I had several weeks of sob, wheeziness low energy and a horrible panicky feeling, especially at night. So I have taken advice from people on this site, eaten just fish, fruit and veg, had acupuncture, eaten raw garlic and ginger and kept walking my dog. The panic went after my spirometry tests, and also got a seretide inhaler 250, once a day. I was starting to think I was permanently down a level due to the flu - especially as that seems to have happened to a few people on here. I was also worried about pf as my dad had that but suddenly I feel better. I walked today for nearly three hours with my dog and felt really good, massively energised with no breathing issues. Actually better than I have felt for months so that must be the ultra health diet. I am glad I have been diagnosed because I feel I can now do as much as I can totry to keep it mild .... Hopefully. It is so easy to ignore slight symptoms and write them off as a natural part of ageing, but it is far better to be aware of the real cause. I have felt humbled by the bravery of so many of the people on this site, because I don't know if I will cope as well if mine does progress to the more serious stages. I itch to get out into the countryside if I have to stay in for one day, I am just rubbish at being inside. But how I felt today walking in the wind and rain gave me renewed hope. I am going to quietly fight this by doing everything i can for optimum health and then i guess, just fingers crossed and hope for the best. there is really nothing else we can do! Good luck Patrick, i know exactly how you feel xx

  • Thanks Sara. At one point I had rumblings, my body warning me, but I kept on puffing away. I stopped in Jan, tho had maybe smoked 9 months or so since 2011. Should have quit while ahead. But at least I did finally and this time for good. I have a certain amount of SOB all the time, how it goes. Like the pulm said, dyspnea very subjective. Had I been a heavy smoker I likely would have sailed through the stages, oblivious of what was happening. But I wasn't, so I really feel it. No longer take health for granted, not that I did before, but there was a certain amount of hubris. Like I could do both. You know?

    Good luck and stay in touch.


  • Before I stopped I definitely had rumblings which I put down to being a smoker, mainly a couple of cheat infections after a cold and in 2014- after I stopped - itook an old tile floor up with lots of dust and the following day felt as if I was suffocating and couldn't cough, that was horrible and scary and took about a week to clear. This morning my cheat feels slightly tight, not had inhaler yet. I am definitely more aware of symptoms and sensations since my diagnosis and probably aware of subtleties that I wouldn't have noticed before. But have a new appreciation of life in general and kind of thanking my lucky stars that I have found out now and not later? I think there must be many many undiagnosed people out there who continue to do the worst things they can re lung health

    Knowledge is definitely power with this. X

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