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Oh The Joy Of Fat Little Dogs And Naughty Kittens...

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Whenever Eilis is being particularly foul we hiss 'Dog Pound' at her...she excelled herself today though...

There was I, at the table cutting out fabric for an appliqué wall-hanging...totally absorbed in what I was doing...when I heard a funny noise.

Eilis was tramping about on the keyboard of my laptop...she weighs a ton you know...she's grossly fat actually, though the Vet said she was simply 'plump'...plump my eye.

I screamed at her...she had to turn round first naturally...banging her horrid little feets across the letters as she managed to get herself back on the settee where she plonked herself down and looked at me defiantly...

It was a 'What you going to do about it' sort of a look.

Heaven alone knows what she managed to do...couldn't get Google...e-mail had completely disappeared...there was just a huge reminder across the screen to upload...download?...Windows whatever that we've tried and loathed...

Deep breath...switched it all off and started again.

Back to the table to find Murphy happily chewing one of the flowers I'd cut out of Liberty fabric...that's horrendously expensive and I only have scraps of it...

He was holding it steady with his paw while he gnawed the edges...

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11 Replies

Naughty doggie. But you love him


must be the day for dogs being naughty jet trashed the fish pond today came in soaking wet muddy just after I had mopped the floors


Just like very naughty children aren't they. Lovely though. Xxx


Oh my what a mischievous dog & that look OK you think your the boss.. Hope you have enough flowers xxx


Never a dull moment at your place, just look at that face, Lol


Probably trying to distract you from what you're doing so that he can have all of your attention. He has a very sweet face.


Oh Vashti if looks could kill. Lol. Wikis looks a right little devil, but we love them

To bits any way. Liberty fabric is to die for, you sound like a busy bee.

Hannah x


poor little doggie that face says sorry mummy but what did I do, bless!


Oh the joy of pets.......one of mine likes to lay her head on the keyboard when I'm not paying attention. The number of times I've lost yards of work and had to start over..........aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


When George wants attention he looks around for something to grab. We have put just about everything out of his reach. So now, he picks up whatever he can find lying around. Yesterday it was a piece of wide elastic. He sat on the chair holding it with his paw. We didn't chase him and he looked really puzzled. When that fails, he has a ferret around in his overflowing toy box for some thing he can shake, or a squeaky toy.


Just think, a frayed rose as a new art form, a cat creation!

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