Mild emphysema

I was diagnosed with mild emphysema I am all ready battling third stage prostate cancer I think the cancer is in remission because my PSA is down I am on oxygen at night 2 liters and a nebulizer 2 to 3 times a day mostly just two times.but when I wake up I fell real bad depressed panic attracts Doctor put me on Xanax three times a day I just fill like I don't want to go on any more my wife wanted me to move out shortly after I was diagnosed with prostate cancer I no it was a rotten thing for her to do but it is what it is I hope they pass the right to die with dignity law in Ohio soon I love life but thie sent living its hell.i keep getting this dry painful cough I see a doctor next week

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  • Hi Glenver, You have posted (with time difference) when few are posting on forum. You are not the only one who feels so depressed (so sorry your marriage ended at the same time- a lot to cope with). You will feel better if you log on tomorrow and find the support that is here for you. Kaye

  • Evening.

    I'm so sorry you feel so ill. This illness is horrible and you have the added burden of the cancer. Do you have any family close by, I know we're miles away but somebody is always on the forum to chat to, please don't think you can't talk about how you feel even if you would rather PM we've all been there when the black cloud descends.

    You say your Emphysema is mild so there's a lot you can do with diet and exercise and that in turn will make you feel better. I don't know how things work where you are but we're encouraged to do a Pulmonary Rehab courses here.

    Your not alone with this.

    Kim xx

  • sorry to hear of your medical problems and your brake up , I have been there with the marriage brake up but it does get easier in time I met someone else and remarried and very happy second time round , hope the doctor can help with the cough in the mean time try couple of tea spoons of honey and a bit of lemon juice in hot water it does help , remember lot of people on here to chat to and lot been through same kind of things so know how you feel right now take care


  • I hope you can get through this difficult time, we all wish you well. I would say devote all your energy and thoughts to your health, eat nourishing food, exercise and rest. Follow your doctor's advice and confide in him exactly how you feel, mentally and physically. Give yourself special treats, whatever pleases you - you are the important person right now. Best wishes, Iris x

  • Life still go's on just take more care and slow things down just do not let things get on top of you and keep saying to your self I can do anything and nothing is going to get to me take care

  • Hi, Glenver - really feeling for you at this time. When it's really hard to keep going, try faking it to make it. Do all the things you have to do, whether you want to or not. Following the daily routine is as much a medicine as tablets and inhalers. And try not to look at the future too much at the moment: just concentrate on getting through today. All the best, M.

  • A great hello and welcome. You have our experiences and health advice here at your finger tips so use it. You'll be do very surprised at the response. Write to us.

  • Thinking of you! Hang in there friend. If you're not satisfied after seeing your doctor, ask for a second opinion and see a pulmonologist at a good medical center. So sorry about your wife leaving you, some people just can't handle tough times and others are just rotten. Keep a positive attitude, you can beat this! Plenty of good folks here to chat with, all kind and positive folks. Stay off chat sites that are all doom & gloom as they only make you feel sad.

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