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Antibiotics for copd

Hi all fellow sufferers. I have just been diagnosed after having a terrible winter last winter after having chest infections which seem to last all winter. Even though I had a history of Bronchitus from a child my Health Centre let me down badly as I was just sent away being told it was a bad winter for bugs!! Finally last January having got another cold and bad chest I was sent for an X Ray which discovered I had COPD. My air sacs in my lungs are damaged due to so many chest infections and yes smoking. I will add I gave up 15 years ago!! I now have a steroid puffer and another long lasting ventolin type puffer which really help. In October I had another bad cold which went down on my chest and I took my emergency melds that my COPD rehab course told me to apply for. I took Amoxillian two courses in fact but they did not really have any effect and went back to my doctor who said do not take anymore and then gave me the steroid puffer. I do feel slightly better for my puffer but still feel unwell after 6 weeks. Just wondering if anybody else has had the same experience? And wonder if I need to go back for more Antibiotics and different ones.

Thanks for reading


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Hi Monawhite,

After carefully reading your post I think that it may be a good idea to get referred to a consultant for a ct scan. This could show up bronchiectasis which is different to COPD and your symptoms as you describe them seem to indicate this. It would be good to clarify whether it is bronchiectasis or COPD because the treatments, whilst similar, are different. It is plain that the amoxyl is not dealing with whatever bug is in your lungs. You would need your sputum to be tested so that the right antibiotic can be given to you and for the correct amount of time. When bronchiectasis is misdiagnosed as COPD or asthma, inhalors which are given can mask the symptoms but do not get to the root of the problem. Whichever you have, there are good ways of managing it.

Good luck, I hope that you get it sorted out.


A sensible suggestion...just make sure that you check that the sputum container has your own name and NHS number on because I was given one with someone else's details on - fortunately I read it before handing over to reception.


Hi still standing and all who replied to my email thank you very much for your emails and advice. My Health Centre is rubbish and I have never really been given much help so thank you for your suggestions. I do wonder if I have something else other than COPD as During the winter months I do not feel very well. I do not seem to have any respite from having a chest infection. I suppose I keep thinking it's just still the chest infection I had at the beginning of October. I am going to ring the doctors now and see if I can get some help from there. The trouble is I never see the same doctor twice its rubbish so they all have different opinions etc. Thank you all so much I will let you know how I get on

Thanks Mona


Hi Mona, I'm afraid that we do have to be pro active and use our GPs as tools, telling them what we want them to do for us. I know that people with COPD have problems with infections but continuous troublesome ones does raise the question of bronchiectasis. Only a consultant with expertise in bronch can diagnose it. I advise you just to tell them that you want a referral. If you can find one on the internet in your area who specialises in all lung conditions you can go armed with a name it gives you some ammunition.

I hope that you get some help as it's a tiresome lonely life when you feel horrible.


hi Mona, Stillstanding is right, it does sound as if you need a referral now. Get onto your GP to do that for you as you need scans and the proper meds for you.

Good luck and wishing you well. xxx

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Hi Mona, I agree with Stillstanding & Sassy. You must go back to your GP & get a proper diagnosis. Only then will you be prescribed the correct abs to fight your infection.

Hope you feel better soon 🌹

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Hi Mona,

totally agree with Stillstanding, Sassy and Jessy. best wishes for a proper diagnosis and sending you get well wishes xx

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Agree with all above. If your GP drags his feet giving you a referral to a lung consultant can you afford a private CT? We shouldn't have to but the sooner you get a proper diagnosis from a scan the sooner you can manage whatever you have.

Keep coming here to learn.

Exercise plus avoiding germs go a long way to support happy lungs along with a healthy immune system. I've just knocked back 1000mg of Vit C in a ping of water as I don't feel right and want to fight whatever's lurking.

Winter is coming so you need to get sorted. We have to be proactive to get supported.

Best, Peege

PS amoxicillin has never EVER worked for me so I always refuse it & demand something more substantial (and less cheap)!

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You need to get a sputum sample tested to establish which antibiotic to take. You might also need oral steroids! .


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