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My granddaughter wants a kitten

Granddaughter Skkye (4.1/2)....Nanny if we sold Daisy (the rabbit) I could have a kitten.

Me.......Don't you think Daisy would cry if you sold her.

Skkye......Don't be silly she won't cry she's not human, she a rabbit.

Me....If you trod on of her paws by mistake she would probably squeak and be in pain, you just can't just throw her away.

Skkye.......No nanny we would sell her not throw her away, somebody must want a rabbit.

Me.....How did you enjoy school today.

Daisy the rabbit is a bit nervous and hops away if the kids decide to have a cuddle. As for Skkye I wonder what she will think of next probably world domination.



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Oh dear, poor Daisy.


Daisy is quite safe, cos her daddy is not to keen on cats. She is very like her mummy (our daughter) in her thought process, she asks me to smile and say yes and when I ask her why she says smile and say yes and then I will ask you a question.

I have learned over the years to be quick on my toes when answering tricky questions, as I said to her mummy Skkye can't get one over on me because I had plenty of practice when she was growing up.




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