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Copd dx age 40

I smoked for about 20 years, recently quit and had a pft I am 40 years


FVC 5.02. 98% of predicted

FEV1 3.65 89% predicted

Fev1/fvc is 73%

Since I am currently 40 and Doctor says this is mild Copd, will it impact

My life span and quality of life? Doc says to not smoke and not worry.

However when j read online having these numbers at age 40 is not good and may

Impact my life as I get older. Can anyone comment I'm pretty worried. Thanks.

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A members previous post explains better.



Hi those figures are very good actually. Anything over 90% is considered just a variation of the norm so 89% puts you just under. Your copd is very very mild and while you are young to be diagnosed with it you are not the youngest by any means.

With a healthy lifestyle, taking your meds and learning to look after your lungs you will live to a ripe and healthy old age. Whilst copd is progressive it usually only progresses very slowly and you can hold your lung function steady with little decrease for many years yet. x


hi welcome to the site , coughalots has given you some good advice there ,your results aren't to bad at all don't believe all you read on google as lot of untrue stuff that frighten people on there , im same age as you wish my results was as good as yours , take care


Im surprised your gp put a diagnosis to those figures as they are what they class as normal range. Your fev1 is above 80% and the fev1/fvc above 70%. Stopping smokings the best thing you can do exercise eat well. Basically take care of yourself. Quitting smoking and doing these things should increase your values.

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I was diagnosed at the age of 42 that was 11 years ago I gave up smoking and started swimming but most important I was sent on a pr course I gained so much and gave me the tools I need to help myself.

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