New job

Hi just update on my first week it's been great geting back out there I love my job workin with adults who have learning disabilities 3 guys who are luvly just need a little help in their daily lives they have welcomed me into their home and are always happy to see me 😊it's a good feeling to get some of my old life back after the BIG C got me So now I'm feeling so 😊😀😁 just wanted to share my 😊☺😃with u all xx

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  • Hi Midgetgem, great news you are settling back into your work. It does make a huge difference to get out the house & mix with people.

    Don't overdo it but enjoy! 🌹

  • Thanku jessy yeah it feels gud to be back out there 🙌x

  • Well done you going back to work-especially such a rewarding one like yours is. No doubt very difficult at times, even heart breaking, but generally a real feel good job. Well done you!

  • Gud Gud feeling👍👍😊x

  • That really is good to hear.



  • Thanks sian😊x

  • Nice to hear you settling back into work. Take it easy but enjoy. :-) janx

  • I'm only doing a couple shifts a week just enuf I think thanks jan😊x

  • sorry mg lost my internet last night, those couple of shifts still get you out of the house. When I retired on health grounds, my marriage broke down too, so when I decided to study again I opted to go to college rather than do it on line so that I wouldn't be stuck in the house. I love it. jan x

  • Gud on you going to college and it is the "being stuck in house" thing that gets to you 😊x

  • It's so uplifting to hear good news. I'm so happy for you and hope you continue to enjoy it.

  • Thanku ☺It has given me the lift I needed 😄💪x

  • Was thinking of you the other day, so good to read it's going well for you, I can almost see you smile, great news xxxx

  • So happy it's working out for you😀it sounds as if you're being sensible with hours.Lovely,you're giving some thing back to the community😇

    Enjoy xxx

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