Friday the 13th..who said it was unlucky?

Friday  the 13th..who said it was unlucky?

After a long sound sleep and waking up to breathing in and out for a minute or two I turn to my wife to be...and told her that something had happened and I can breath just normally...that was 6 hours ago and am still breathing like a dream.

This is not a joke people. .for months when I wake up and got up it was difficult to take in a full breath and it took some time to walk properly. ..

Now everything seems so diffrent. .I feel relaxed and it feels like it's a turning point in my condition. ...

I went to the Friday garden market and found something that I've been looking for for some time..citrus aurantium. .

It's a native bitter orange from Vietnam. .

Since I've been putting on so much Wight over the last 3 months...12 kilos.

(Still look good)

I been busy looking for ways to help me control it.

They never had these trees in the market before...I bought all 4 of them..

So much for Friday the 13th hehehe.

Any be carefull today for those of you the live in UK.

Think I just go for a swim.

Any ideas as to what happened to my breathing. am not on that oil that long lungs was talking about but I have the same feeling she got from it...

Take care people.



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The flower is beautiful Andy, and I'm so pleased your breathing has improved. Let's hope the 13th is lucky for all of us. xx

Thank you Sheilab..the flowers are of the bitter orange that I bought today smells beautiful. .

I have no idea why there been such a difference in my breathing. ..but I am enjoying it..and long may it last.

Kind regards.


Have the bitter orange plants helped your breathing? Citrus can be cleansing.

Hi eregendal. always make me smile...if ever you think of coming to Thailand for a holiday please let me know.

I don't know why my breathing has better. ..I've given up thinking as to what it might be.

Hopefully it will stay like it is for for a while so I can exercise a lot more.

Take good care.


I'd love to visit Thailand, but my husband is cautious about travelling far for many reasons, some of them health related, some safety related. The awful events in Paris last night will make him even less inclined to leave our shores.

that tree looks good , glad your breathing is better what ever the reason maybe ,

Hi malcome...thanks for your reply. ..the photo is of the bitter orange blossoms that I got this morning.

For whatever reason it was that got me breathing to full lungs again I'll try and work it out later.

Right now am just enjoy ☺

Hope your Double M


I'm so happy you are feeling better today long may it last. Take care x

Thank you Dawn..for a while I didn't think I would ever know that feeling of happy lungs again. .I have already capitalised on it by going for a swim..lovely.

Take care Dawn.

Andy xxx.

Hi Andy, so glad your breathing better for whatever reason. I hope it lasts for you and your day keeps on improving. Lovely flowers.

Take care

Christine. XXX

Hi Christine. .

Thanks so much for your reply. .

My breathing was not as bad as I have been reading of other members but it was depressing me thinking that's I was only going to get worse and

It has come as a bit of a shock that I can breath again. ..I was almost to frighten to tell anyone...

Take care also Christine.

Andy xxx.

Love any citrus plant! Do hope your good feelings remain,maybe the plants aroma has been good for you!

Hope your daughter is ok now xx

Hi Wendells...I also love that beautiful fragrance of the citrus I think that's why I keep on buying so meny trees.

I can't tell you how much better I feel breathing like it should be.

Am hoping I can get it to stay like doc did say that my copd was very mild and can be reversed. ...maybe this is what he ment?

Thank you for asking after my baby daughter may have noticed that I don't really talk about her...she surrounded by by people who adore her.

Lot's of love.


I am inclined to think the citrus plants including the ones you already have are the reason. Lemon is often used in cold remedies, Lemsip for instance. I would think the smell of fresh citrus is far more powerful.

Whatever the reason, make the most of it Andy.

How old is your little girl now, is she smiling yet?

Hi Andy, well that is wonderful news! When you discover what's helping your breathing, please, please share it with us!

Enjoy your beautiful trees & greetings to your lovely family.

Take care 🌺

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