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Just a shortish note to say hello to all you lovely people, as you can see I am still here as such, am still having treatment but they will not give me any more operation type treatment as there are too many tumours in both the lungs now. Breathing is a problem at times but a lot of you know all about that, but I am still positive but would like to be able to do now what I could do before, but then it could be down as well to be getting old(did I say getting). Have had another scan as they thought the last one looked as if some of the nasty stuff is moving downward so waiting to see what's what, happy days.

Seeing I am here I heard about this Fair haired lady (not blonde) who went to a garage because she had rather a lot of dents in her car, the garage chap thought he would have some fun and told her that if when she got home and blew really hard down the exhaust pipe the dents would pop out.

So when she got home she got down on the ground and started to blow up the pipe, a fair haired friend was passing and asked what she was doing, so she explained, her friend said you really are silly that will never work (WAIT FOR IT) .

You have left the windows open. Look after yourselves and remember keep smiling, hope to speak again later. Love and hugs Fred aka smiler. :) ;)

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Keep well and stay positive.

Thanks pal positive and smile are the in words as far as I am concerned.

1968 you have turned sideways! :) x

Hi Fred good hear from you and good joke lol. Take care yourself.


Thanks Tam its good to be able to speak with you all again , best wishes pal. Fred

hello :)

Hi there callyann good to meet you, hope you are managing with what's been thrown at you. Try and keep smiling its hard at times but works. Fred x

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Can't really believe it to be honest..😑 sorry to hear about yours take care fred.

Hugs carolann

Hi Fred

Thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed for you.

The very best wishes.


Thanks a lot Andy hope your alright pal. Fred aka smiler

Hi Fred

Thanks I am okay.

Keep smiling


So good to hear from you Fred

You look after yourself


Hi there Dorothy how are things with you ? good to hear from you. Fred xxx

Lovely to see you here Fred, take care and all best wishes. Xris x

Thanks for the wishes Xris xx

Good Morning Fred, great to hear from you, sorry you are not feeling too good, look after yourself. Appreciate the joke :-)

take care

polly xx

Hi there polly good morning to you, its dry but misty here in Devon, stay safe. xx fred :)

Great to hear from you Fred. I often wonder how you are. Thanks for the joke 😁😁 love Margaret xx

Hello there Margaret I keep meaning to drop a line to one and all but at times all I want to do is sleep and then other times I try and keep busy and by then to be honest I will have forgot I was going to write. Love Fred xx :)

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Good joke Fred! You certainly haven't lost your sense of humour! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Good luck with your scan results & lovely to hear from you.

Take care & positive thoughts 🌼

Hello Jessy thanks for the reply and I will stay positive, you look after yourself. Fred :) ;)

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How lovely to see you dear Fred, sending big smiles back from me and George. We have all missed you very much, you are a real treasure to us all.

I am so very sorry the news about your lungs is not good. It must be so disappointing. Have the Docs organised good Palliative care for you?

Praying for you with all my heart.

Lots of Love

Az and George xxx

Cheers Az thanks for your wishes Yes I get good care from the staff and I have a really lovely lady oncologist. More to the point how are you managing with all your problems being positive and remember to smile, I still like to smile at complete strangers and see the response, sometimes a smile back and other times a funny look or they look over their shoulders to see who I am smiling at. Love Fred aka smiler XXX :)


I like smiling at strangers too, especially ones who look unhappy. When I was working my nickname was Smiler, how about that Fred! We are spiritual twins xxxx

Az if we are spiritual twins I must be the oldest twin by a long way, but it good to have a young sister xxx :) ;) :D

Not such a big gap Holly I will be 69 in February! Lots of Love sister Az/Christine xxx

I like that Christine I move up in January so what's 5 years between friends. :) xx

Hardly anything at all, may I ask when your birthday is Fred? Mine is February 18th. I was born on Pancake day lol!

Lovely to hear from you Fred. Great joke!

Old? I just turned 70 a couple of weeks ago. It sounds ancient compared to 69 I'm told by a fifty year old brat!!

Sara xx

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Sara lovely to hear from you to, welcome to the 70's club, they say you are as old as you feel. So stay young and smile. Love Fred xx :)

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So lovely to hear from you Fred,we have really missed you,& often wonder how you're going.

Sorry,its not the best of news for you,but you have such an optimistic nature,Im sure you will defy any negative forecasts,you show em Fred!!

Good joke Fred,enjoyed reading it!

Take care,my dear friend,pop on here,when you can,& if you can't,well, you know you're not forgotten!

Gentle hugs,& love,

Wendells xxxx


Hi there love thanks for this lovely message and the hugs as you know I do like hugs whether gentle or not lol. I really do mean to pop on here more often but have no excuse really so you are stuck with me now and again.

Look after yourself returning some hugs and love to you. Fred xxx :)

Hi Fred I am sorry to hear that love, but it's great to see you on here again. I was in your neck of the woods last Tuesday with my mate and took the dog on the beach. We then trundelled round the shops for a little while. I forgot to look out for you :)

Stay strong and positive neighbour. Lots of hugs xx

Hello there my Torbay buddy hope things are working out for you, I do not get into town to often now but pleased you enjoy coming across to the beach. Keep smiling and happy.

Love Fred xx :)

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Lovely to hear from you Fred, still fighting the fight I'm glad to hear. Hope your family are well and that you are able to enjoy this sunny day. Liked the joke, but then I'm not fair haired - wish I was! Hope to hear from you again soon, Love Iris x

Hi there my friend Iris thanks family well my Granddaughter has just moved to the French Alps to work, I really do miss her, but pleased she is moving about and enjoying life. Next time I will have to think of a joke where the lady has a different colour hair, your not a blue rinse are you lol :)

Love and hugs Fred xx

Hello Smiler πŸ˜ƒ so good to see you πŸ˜€, what a lovely bonus to this lovely sunny Sunday! You getting old...never! 😁

You're never far from my thoughts and prayers, keep smiling and joking, hugs huff xxxxπŸ˜˜πŸ’•

Lovely to hear from you Fred, just wish your news was as happy as you are. Often think of you. I did like your reply to Scorpio, dementia came to mind lol! Take care of yourself.xx

Hello there Sheila I have to stay happy to be positive for the family and myself, as for dementia coming to your mind I had not thought about that at the time of writing in fact I forgot about it already. You also look after yourself and stay safe. Love Fred xxx :)

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Hello again huff twice in one day :) that gets the other thinking :) keep smiling and look after yourself. Love Fred aka smiler

Lovely to hear from you Fred. God bless.

Thanks for the reply good to hear from you, keep smiling its so much easier than frowning. Fred aka smiler.

Hello Fred loved the joke good to see you on here again

hope you have good news from your scan.

Wishing you all the very best.

Pat x

Afternoon Pat good to hear from you , hope all is going well, look after yourself xx :) Fred

Hi Fred, so good to hear from you again. You bring a sanity and warmth to the forum, we've missed you. Sorry to hear the tumours have spread, Im sending my most healing vibes to melt them away.

You take very good care of yourself Fred, love jean xx


Hi there my lovely Jean so nice to hear from you, how are things going are you both well ish and happy. I can feel your vibes coming over all ready. I wish I was able to force myself to come on here more often like I used to as it was great speaking with you all, as after all you are like family of a kind, as that's the way we are in the submarine service as once a submariner always a submariner no matter what country.

Whoops I was wondering again as I said lovely to speak with you Love to you both Fred xxx :)


Dear Fred, been out all day so only just seen your post - what a lovely message to come home to; with a joke too. Hope that the medics will be able to sort out your problems.

Pen you are easily pleased with a message from me I am honoured lol I hope that you are managing alright, I am getting excellent treatment really I must as I am still here and do not intend going anywhere just yet.

Keep smiling and stay safe Fred.

Dear Fred - how lovely to hear from you again πŸ˜„ But so sorry to hear you are struggling at the moment. But I know you will keep on fighting this wicked illness and your lovely smile and positive attitude will make such a big difference. I totally understand about you not being able to keep in touch here frequently but it's such a lovely surprise to see you again. Take lots of care - and keep on with the wicked jokes lol. Love and big hugs from Jan xx

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Thanks Jan and its lovely to hear from you as well, believe it or not I find it very helpful to know that you are all here as friends and its not a case of having to speak every day, week or month but when I do speak like others there is always a warm loving reply.

Thanks Jan sending hugs back to you Fred xx :) :)

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Fred you are an inspiration to us all, You have had bad news but you are still joking and trying to cheer everyone else up

We do love you Fred 'BIG HUG '

Lots of love Sohara

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Sohara thank you for that its very kind but really we are all suffering with one or more problems so really other than stay as cheerful as possible and get on life we just as well give up. So my lovely friends live, love and smile.

Love and hugs (big ones) to you Sohara xx :)

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It's so good to hear from you Fred. Sorry that things have not been too good for you. Have been wondering how you have been. Chin up and keep smiling and take care of yourself. Sending you lots of love and hugs xx

Hello Lyn thanks for the wishes but I will plod on as they say and some of you are also having bad troubles, we all manage in the end Lyn, so look after yourself and speak again soon. Love Fred xxx :)

Now this is really good to hear from you Fred, friend of mine when she was poorly used to say plan as if you are going to live for ever, live each day as if it's your last, I like that. Keep your pecker up Fred xxxx

Good morning Fred, delighted to see your post, you are most upbeat about your condition,that surely must help. It's difficult when you try to do things and either don't feel well enough,or are too short of breath. Hope all your girls are ok, very best wishes, Bulpit

Hi there bulpit good to hear from you, after speaking with the forum yesterday it has given me the get up and go and come on again today, you lovely people are a really good tonic I wish I could bottle you, maybe Doctors could give you out on prescriptions. :)

My girls are well and Granddaughter has moved on and gone to France to work and live I miss her. Keep smiling Fred

Morning medow thanks for the message agree with your friend fully its no good sitting back and feeling sorry for yourself as none of us know what's around the corner. I have not heard that saying for ages, I will keep my pecker up.

Love Fred aka smiler xxx :)

Hi Fred

What a wonderful surprise to see you!. I've not checked the site all weekend.

Here I am at the bottom of the replies,

as always.😊 So sorry to hear your tumors have spread. Hopefully they'll

figure something out to help you. We

do love our Fred . With all our good vibrations coming your way, you should

see some improvement . Take care of

yourself Smiler. .😊😊


Rubyxxx ☺ xx

I believe that often the really good bits are at the bottom of the barrel, and just getting your message two songs came to mind, Ruby Ruby Ruby and then we has Good Vibrations ia there no end to your talents love :)

Hope things are moving the right way for you Ruby as for me there is nothing I can do really about whats going on inside my body its in the hands of those that know.

Stay safe and I know you will keep smiling.

Love Fred xxx :) ;)

Nice to see you still smiling and joking - hope you get some better news soon. Good to hear from you. Take care x

Thanks, good to hear from you as well, I hope things are working out for you, keep smiling and speak again later. xxx :) Fred

Hello lovely Fred.

So good to hear from you. Sorry to hear about the progression with your lungs, but with your positive attitude it'll take more than that to beat you - you're a tough one!

Love the joke....I was dreading the punch line,.( that's what happens when you have a dirty mind) but turned out quite clean. lol

Look after yourself. Take it easy and keep up that SOH.

Nikki XXX

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Nikki so good to hear you as well , how strange I was a bit worried when I was writing that joke about the fair not blonde haired lady and the exhaust pipe as to whether any would be a bit concerned about the punch line, that's why I never scrolled down to far, so it looks like we share the same thoughts lol :)

Hope you are well love and still keeping smiling as I am sure you are as I believe you are a smiler at heart.

Love Fred xxx :) ;D

Fred you`re an inspiration to us all ! Had that Monday morning sorry for myself feeling

till I read your post. Hope all goes well for you and I don`t need to tell you to keep smiling. God bless, Sheila xx

Sheila thanks for the reply but the only way I stay positive is with the help of people like you and all the other lovely people on this site, but I believe that is what we are there for, to help carry each other through the problems we all have no matter how serious so we can kick all the ailments in the teeth and say you are not getting the better of me. Speak again later Fred xx

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Nice to see your smiling face again Fred, including a witty joke too. Take care and every best wish with the scan xx :) :)

Hi there Katie I am ok that's a lower case ok for the time being hoping for the upper case one day. Hope you are managing alright. Look after yourself Fred aka smiler xxx :) ;)

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Hi Fred great to see you keep up the treatment and stay positive we are always hear for you. xx

Thanks positive is my middle name and hearing from you is a great help.

Fred xxx

Hi Fred: good to see your note on here but sad to read about your lungs. I surely do pray that you are not in pain and are enjoying your new little grand daughter. Jackie

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Hi there Jackie good to hear from you hope its not to cold over there in Canada, pleased to say no pain to complain about really, you have me wondering Jackie I do not have a new Granddaughter the one I have is 27 and now moved to the French Alps to work and live and I miss her loads as I have been fully in her life as her Dad died when she was eight so have had a sort of double roll.

Stay smiling Fred xx

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