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A drug


Had eight days in hospital with pneumonia put on a drug called uniphilin anyone else had it? Seems to be working for me

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I have been on It for about 4years now, I am better for being on it, though not a miracle cure.

Also you will need a blood test every 6 months as toxins can build up.

I will be interested as to how you get on with it.

Take care

etch45. xx

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I go to north west lung centre does anyone else?

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I'm in the North west and I have my consultant in carlisle.

For treatment I go to Clatterbridge cancer hospital in Liverpool .

Uniphyllin meds are good for me.

Hope all is well with you, keep well.

Etch45. Xx

Glad to hear you're feeling better.

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Thanks x

had it for the last 9 years it works

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Thanks for letting me know x

had this for the last 9 years it is good and it works .

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What dosage? Mines peadoactric coz I'm small

Good Morning Welcome home so glad your feeling better.

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Thank you have a good day my friend x

Yes kitt I was prescribed this once when I was in hospital with pneumonia. Unfortunately I started to wake up with very puffy eyelids and the doctor said I was allergic to it so had to stop taking it. I believe it`s very good if you can take it.

Keep well, Sheila x

Yes I have been on it for nearly 5 years and it works for me wouldn't be without it but supposed to get blood test every six months but I have only ever had one so need to have a word with them

Hi I have also been on this drug for years, and it works for sure

Works for me to have had two lots of blood tests since April all ok.

What I don't understand is why I had to get really ill ie pneumonia before they give me the medicine

Thing is I came out of hospital but I have been taking it wrong I should have been taking it twice a day instead of once ooops

as long as it works for you.

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