I have my first appointment at wythenshawe with the transplant co ordinator, my consultant has put me forward for a single lung. I have absolutely no clue as to what will happen and the letter gives nothing away, maybe they will just go through my medical history etc? Does anyone know what I can expect? My matron came today and she tried to ring them but just got voice mail! Probably shouldn't have watched that programme on tv last night made me more nervous xx

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  • Hi, sorry can't help you on this one, know nothing about transplants, but I wish you well and hope you get the results you need.

    Take care,

    Christine. XXX

  • Thanks Christine xx

  • Hi,sorry I can't help you either,just want to wish you luck!

    Theres several people here,on the transplant list,so Im sure they will come on board,& answer your questions,

    Take care,Wendells xx

  • Thanks a lot xxx

  • Good luck & hope all goes well for you 🌺

  • Thanks xx

  • sorry cant hep but wanted to wish you good luck with every thing , take care

  • Thank you xx

  • Sorry I don't know the answer but I hope it all goes very well for you.

    love cx

  • Thanks xx

  • Hi Southy, I can't help,either, although I've been told snippets from my specialist I'm not actually on the list or been tested yet so I have no more info for you, there is a few who are so hopefully somebody can help. Take care xx Sonia xx

  • Thanks Sonia, I go next Tuesday but am started to feel really anxious now. I will keep you all informed xx

  • Good luck, will be thinking about u, and pls let us know how it goes. Always here if u need us for anything xx Sonia xx

  • Sorry don't no about lung transplant but good luck to you

  • Thanks x

  • I don't know much about lung transplant tests either but I wish you good luck on your appointment. xx

  • Thanks x

  • Hi I don't know either but just wanted to wish you good luck with it. x

  • Thanks xx

  • Iv recently been put forward to , what your to doing. is AV a discussion , they will discuss various amounts test to start the ball rolling , which is where I'm at now ,so waiting for appointment. In my local hospital where they check all vital organs even a bone density . If these prove to be good you then admitted to you lung hospital wi more tests ,of course depending on all test they will access all areas . Hope this was helpful I'm a novice myself good luck hope all goes well for you , Jacqui xx

  • Thanks Yes that's helpful, it's just the not knowing what to expect x

  • Hi, as a patient of Wythenshawe, I can only say that they are a great hospital, but extremely busy; I travel from the Northern Isles to Manchester. I have found that leaving a voicemail means that they will get back to you. Good luck.


  • Thanks annie x

  • Can't help, but when I'm nervous I always think "what is the worst that can happen", and it usually helps calm me. Best of luck. Take care. xx

  • Thanks x

  • I'm sure you have nothing to worry about they will explain everything to you. My friend was on the kidney transplant list and every time his mobile went he jumped out of his skin.

  • Thanks I imagine you would xx scary isn't it x

  • My mate is on the list at Wythenshawe. We've had 2 "dry runs" so far and we're hoping for another call very soon.

    As far as testing is concerned, there will be quite a few. You'll have a long talk with the transplant coordinator then eventually a psychologist and a dietician plus doctors/surgeon. My friend was booked in for 4 days and did all of the tests and saw the TC all in one go. It is nerve wracking because you just hope that they don't find anything that stops you from getting listed. My mate is down to have a single lung too. We did think it would be a double but that's changed.

    The meeting with the TC involves going through everything to do with transplant and you will be told the risks involved. The TC will also explain why you need a transplant and the commitment that is required from you for the rest of your life in terms of the medication you will have to take. It's also a chance for you to ask any questions. It's a good idea to take someone with you as there's a lot to take in.

    If you're only seeing the TC this time, and if you decide to go ahead, you'll probably get booked in for testing which involves a short stay on the Jim Quick ward. Anyway, best of luck with everything. If you would like and further info just ask.

  • Oh thanks so much for all that info very much appreciated xx

  • Unable to help other than by sending good luck wishes to you 😊

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