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hi all glad to be among you all I am 45 and just been diagnosed with COPD after having Bronchitis on returning from Egypt lucky enough I had quit smoking while I had Bronchitis 5 weeks ago so after getting the news from the doctor I now have an inhaler and have started eating healthy and hitting the gym shocked at first to hear the news but I am ready to fight this all the way.


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  • Hello Matt

    Welcome to the site, and great to see you have such a positive attitude.

    Lots of help and laughs on here....glad you have joined us

    Velvet xx

  • Thanks Velvet x

  • Hi Matt welcome good you have stopped smoking and taking exercise

    Take Care


  • Thanks dorothy

  • Hi & welcome! You've come to the best place for advice, laughs & friendship. Your positive attitude should help & of course stopping smoking is a must. Eating healthily, sleeping well & exercise will all help you. I'm sure you'll enjoy being on here. Take care, Jess

  • Thanks Jess

  • That's the attitude! Nice to meet you and welcome to the site. x

  • Cheers Coughalot2

  • Hi Headhunter and welcome to our amazing friendly (most of the time!) forum, keep up the good work. xx

  • Thanks Sheilab

  • welcome to the site , looks as if you are doing all the right things , good luck ,take care

  • Thanks mmzetor

  • Yes Matt is doing the right things Mmzetor.... He is being polite to the ladies.!!

    Velvet xx

  • Hello and welcome from me too.

  • Thanks Toci

  • Welcome I'm doing the same eating well put on half a stone 😦joined the gym to tone up and get the lungs working again just hoping it's gonna work keep up the good work 😊

  • Keep positive and active I was only diagnosed last week piglet and I'm still in shock😜

  • Mines a few months still haven't told my kids as I'm still the same old me at the mo I have good and bad days stay positive I've seen some posts on here where people have kept it a bay and for many a year make sure u get yr flu jab 😊

  • Hello Matt and welcome. That's a great attitude to have and will be a great help to you. You'll soon see, we're a friendly bunch. xx

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