parkinsons disease

just read a article in a magazine about the above a bit worrying for myself as I recently visited GP complaining of shaking in my right hand and legs also severe cramps in my right hand and right foot also pains in my hips /knees and ankles she diagnosed essential tremor and osteoarthritis after going on line to the NHS choices site I find I have about another five symptoms for PD just wondering why she has,nt booked any investigative tests for me be there Monday morning to find out any opinions cheers frank24

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  • So sorry to hear you are having more problems. I think a visit to your GP is in order. I'm afraid I can't help you but there will be someone who can. Have you tried to post on the Parkinson's part of HU? Let us know how you get on. Take care 😀

  • cheers jessy but I don,t know what HU is. frank24.

  • This is, Frank - the HealthUnlocked (HU) site where we all are.

  • cheers Toci there must be something wrong with my brain as well ha ha.frank24.

  • Not at all. If we don't ask we don't learn. There are quite a few different communities and you should find something to help. :)

  • Hi Frank, it's this site Healthunlocked. If you search for your illness you will see there's other forums which might help you

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