When are the government going to get it right

Hi as an o.a.p I'm told that the state pension is a benefit, so with this in mind and the need for a new boiler I applied for a grant towards the cost, are you in receipt of benefit yes was my answer state pension, sorry that not a benefit so you are not eligible, well if the government is telling us it's a benefit we should get all the little extras others get. Annoyed going to write to Mr Cameron, when is a benefit not a benefit you can't have it all your own way


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  • It's a benefit when it suits them though! If you get state pension & care for a sick relative you don't qualify for carer's allowance because the pension then counts as a "benefit". That's absolutely disgusting when you consider how much carers save the country, and it's only £58pw anyway. R

  • So right, after paying in to the system for years your given a small pension and if you die before claiming your pension they get to keep any money that you paid in... Grrrrrrrr don't get me started on the phone unfairness in this country....

  • Not quite true Robin. Even if you don't get any money the fact that you have an underlying entitlement to it means other benefits could open up instead.

    I used to work for the DWP. Have a look on direct.gov.uk x

  • Huh? Am I being thick, why cant people who get state pension get carer's allowance then? If they can be entitled to other benefits because of their underlying entitlement to carer's allowance? I dont get it. Rob

  • Do you mean they're entitled to carer's allowance but because they have state pension they get £0? In which case how come they can get other benefits? My brain hurts!

  • My husband has cancer is aged 75 he receives attendance allowance I am his carer I am 68. I receive attendance allowance at the lower rate for copd and bronchi. We both receive state pensions and very small private pensions,we do not receive any other state benefits. We qualify for a rates reduction because 1 my husband qualifies in his own right because of attendance allowance 2 we qualify again because although I receive no money for being his carer I get an underlying entitlement 3 I qualify again because I get the lower rate of attendance allowance. He can not be my carer because I only get the lower rate of attendance allowance. The end result is that we now no longer have to pay a rates bill a saving for us of 1300 pounds a year. I was very shocked by this and in fact rang the local authority twice to make sure it was correct. We do not receive Pension credit.

  • Sorry I hit reply too soon, that is what is meant by the underlying entitlement to other benefits. I receive no money for being his carer but, I am his carer and so am entitled to the same benefits as those that do receive payment. I think that is how it was explained to me.

  • Id forgotten about attendance allowance. Glad you get something! Not paying council tax is a massive saving, mine is £1750. R

  • It has made a massive difference to us I could not get my head around why the government would give me a carers allowance but no money. If I remember I think that savings do come into it if you have over 16 thousand not sure if that is each or separate then they reduce the award but not sure again of all the ins and outs. Unfortunately grants towards boilers etc are a no go for us as you have to be in receipt of pension credit for this. As I worked full time for most of my working life I receive a state pension well over the amount to qualify but as I worked for small companies that offered no pension schemes that is all except for a very small private one. I

  • Hi

    Are not eligible for pension credit, which is a benefit that opens doors?

  • No elegance, but I was looking at the wider picture, the government can't call it a benefit when it's not.

  • Sorry eligible

  • Do you get Pension Credit? I think that counts as a benefit.

    Think you can claim Pension Credit if you pension is below (weekly) £151.20 single, £230.85 couple.

  • My income along with my husbands is slightly over,

  • independent.co.uk/news/uk/p... hi and that's what they think of pensioners, anyone who voted tory bac in , I really hope your proud ,, no im not a pensioner but that doesn't me stop me fighting for the rights of pensioners, or any more tory cuts,, free child dinners out, tax credits, and hunt as the nerve to say WE should work like the Chinese, yes china as one of the worst human rights record going obl his missus is Chinese orient,, does she work no, why , because shes married to a millinare tory like the rest of them and ian Duncan smith is a scrounger, but his cuts have killed hundreds of disabled people,, the list is growing,,

  • Yes I really hope the ones who suffer most are the ones who voted this callous, uncaring mob back in! x

  • I'm not one of them all though I think they are all a bunch of stuck up rich idiots

  • huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/1... thers the toff what said it,, well suppose there were more having a laff day at other less able bodied ant the most vulnerable ones of our society, needs to leant to wipe his rear first snotty little git,,

  • huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/1... hi hears another little snot,, under 25 your cheap labour, bit you can go and fight , get married have kids pay bills pay child care, etc ,, there not on this planet, there all me me me and sod whoever doesn't confirm, o why is that then, well were in power , power breeds contempt by the very ones who were elected by tory voters to protect and serve the public, are they no there protecting there selves,,

  • It is mad isn't it? As a pensioner you have to be in receipt of pension credits as well unfortunately. x

  • You have to be a rich Tory and know all the other rich Tories to get any benefits from this bunch of crooks it seems..Just read some of the replies,what on earth are savings? D.

  • Apply for council tax rebate.

  • Don't think you can unless on benefit.

  • You can if you have a low income. You haven't got to be on benefits to get it. Check with your local council. x

  • Your State pension is NOT a benefit, it's what you pay for all your working life to help you in your retirement. If you haven't paid enough in (i.e., paid a married woman's stamp) during your working life, you will be entitled to Pension Credit which will make the amount up to what the Government considers to be a liveable amount - ha,ha.

    Pension Credit IS a benefit and therefore gives you access to other things such as free prescriptions, eye tests etc., XX

  • Hi everyone this was a very interesting post, and shows how complex the state retirement system is for people wanting to make claims for varied assistance. In simple terms for many pensioners if you don't get pension credit or a disability payment there are very few options for help other than low income things like rate rebates, warm home electric fuel help ( which finishes this year), help towards dentures ,glassses ect. which all require individual claims and declaration of income and savings. My motto is if in doubt claim anyway you having nothing to loose.

  • It is not a benefit this is why you pay tax and contribute towards when we work this is my opinion

  • I live in Wales I only get £98 per week pension as I stopped work to bring up my children and care for my elderly father .My husband only gets state pension, I was told I cannot claim carers allowance for my husband (he has cancer ) I was told we are not eligible for pension credit any more as once he received his pension they stopped it as we were deemed to be £4 a week over the threshold . We get a very small reduction in our council tax and really struggle to pay it . We desperately need a new boiler as ours is 16 yrs old and our windows are all warped and will not shut properly and let in draughts really badly, but can get no help .

  • Thats terrible sue. How can you be expected to live on that. My old mum was refused pension credit too, told she was £1 over the weekly limit! But I got someone to come out and go through everything with her and turned out they were wrong, she WAS entitled to it. So now she pays £0 council tax & gets £135pa towards her electric too. The lady who came out said to apply for attendance allowance, shes nearly 90 & not well, and filled in the form for her to sign, she got that too. Massive help, she feels quite well off! I think you should get some advice on this and good luck with it. R

  • Can't wait for this smug horrid Henry and his revolting cronies to leave no 10! Soon, as well as Food Banks, this shower will re instate Work Houses and Orphanages and then euthanize the unproductive! Sound familiar? I don't understand why young people aren't out protesting these draconian policies!

    I feel better after that rant.

    Take care


  • Good for you, better out than in lol

  • I have another one. If you are over 65 you can't claim mobility allowance. Yet this allowance is supposed to help towards the coat of Jeeping mobile & retirement age is 68 & rising. How do you work that out.

    There's some good news I recently purchase a rise & and recline chair. It was tax exempt, likewise for my walking stick & apparently any piece of equipment or furniture that can be classes as providing assistance, worth checking if your buying something.

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